Krispy Krunchy Chicken (Nashville 4)

$ • Chicken
Opens at 5:00 AM
  • Just Chicken

  • Chicken and Biscuit

  • Hispanic Food

  • Hamburgers and Sandwiches

Just Chicken

Wings 5pc
Wings 10 pc
Wings 20pc
Tenders 4pc
Tenders 8pc
Tenders 12pc

Chicken and Biscuit

2 Pieces Mix
2 Pieces Dark
2 Pieces White
3 Pieces Mix
3 Pieces Dark
3 Pieces White
4 Pieces Mix
4 Pieces Dark
4 Pieces White
8pc Mix
8pc Dark
8pc White
12pc White
16pc Dark
16ps White
16pc Mix
25pc Dark

Hispanic Food

Flour tortilla with mozzerella cheese,lettuce,tomatoes,cilantro,onion,and your choice of beef or chicken.
Oval type of bread with beans,cheese,lettuces,tomatoes,cilantro,onionsavocado,and your choice of beek or chicken
Flour tortilla wrap with cheese,beans,lettuce,cilantro,onions,tomateos,avocado,rice,and your choice of beef or chicken.
Two corn tortillas filled with cheese,lettuce,cilantro,onions,and your choice of chichen or beef.
Corn dough tortilla topped with fried beans,cheese,your choice of chicken or beef,lettuce,cream,and cotija cheese.
Freshly made flour torilla with beans,cream avocado,cotija cheese,and eggs.
Grilled Chicken
Marinated oven baked chicken with sides of rice,beanstopped with mozzerela cheese,salad and an order of corn tortillas.
Sold out
Corn dough Tortilla filled with beans,cheese,and pork. With side of cabbage salad

Hamburgers and Sandwiches

Cheese Burger
Beef patty on a seasme bun with cheese,lettuce,onion,mayo,kechup,and mustard.
Philly Chesse Sandwich
Baguette Bead with your choice of chicken or steak,pepperjack cheese,lettuce,grilled onion and bell peppers,and tomatoes.
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