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Macaroni and Cheese
Sold out
Collard Greens
Green Beans
French Fries
Candied Yams
Mashed Potatoes

iKrave's Waffle Combos

Chacey Fingers Combo
Four chicken strips and waffle. Upgrade to an Exotic waffle for $4.50.
Brother's Triple Picks Combo
One thigh, one drumstick, and waffle. Upgrade to an Exotic Waffle for $4.50.
Lyric's Treat Combo
Two drumsticks and waffle. Upgrade to an Exotic Waffle for $4.50.
Boom Combo
Grilled chicken breast or fried wings and waffle. Upgrade to an Exotic Waffle for $4.50.
Big Boy Combo
T-bone steak, one side, and waffle. Upgrade to an Exotic Waffle for $4.50.

People's Choice

Shrimp and Grits
Creamy shrimp served over a bowl of grits.
Oxtail and Grits
Served over a bowl of grits.
Served with two sides.
Fried Your Way
Your choice of one of the shrimp, conch, or fish. Served with two sides.
Dark and Lovely
Two pieces chicken. Served with three sides.
Served with two sides.
Grandma Bobbie
Brown stew chicken. Served with two sides.
Banging Wings
Served with fries.


Watermelon Drink
Large Watermelon Drink
Raspberry Tea
Large Raspberry Tea
Large Lemonade
Tropical Punch
Large Tropical Punch
Fiji Water
Bottle Water

iKrave Exotic Waffles

Promise Pebble Waffle
Fresh fruity pebbles and vanilla glaze.
Red Rush Waffle
Red velvet and vanilla glaze.
White Chocolate Delight Waffle
Fresh white chocolate chips, vanilla glaze, and topped with pecans.
Chi's Cinnamon Pebble Waffle
Fresh cinnamon and vanilla glaze.
Oreo Delight Waffle
Oreo cookies and vanilla glaze.
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