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Create Your Own (CYO)

CYO Arepa
CYO Bowl
2 bases, 1 protein, veggies, and sauce up.
CYO Breakfast
Create your own breakfast. Grilled arepa, amaizeeng scrambled eggs, pick a protein, veggies, and sauce up.
Asado Negro
White rice, plantains, braised beef, grilled veggies, sprinkle of white cheese and cilantro garnish.
White rice, black beans, plantains, shredded beef and sprinkle of white cheese.


Grilled Chicken Arepa
Savory grilled chicken with fresh white cheese, guasaca sauce & tomato.
Beauty Queen Arepa
Our signature creamy chicken and avocado salad.
Grilled Cheese Arepa
Combination of grilled queso blanco and Gouda cheese.
Mechado Mix Arepa
Shredded beef, baked plantains, fresh white cheese and black beans.
Classic Cachapa
Fresh corn Cachapa filled with "de mano" cheese.
Shaggy Arepa
The perfect combination of juicy shredded beef and fresh Gouda cheese.
Cheese Lover
Guayanes cheese, “de mano” cheese & Gouda cheese.
Grilled Steak Arepa
Savory grilled steak with fresh white cheese, guasaca sauce & tomato.
Domino Arepa
Fresh white cheese & savory black beans.
Cachapas Full
Classic Cachapa filled with your choice of seasoned shredded beef or pulled pork.
Cachapa Braised Beef
Classic cachapa filled with Braised Beef.
Cachapa Chicken
Classic cachapa filled with Grilled Chicken.
Cachapa Lover
Classic cachapa filled with Cheese lovers (Gouda and guayanes cheese).
Cachapa Perico
Classic cachapa filled with Egg Perico.
Cachapa Queen
Classic cachapa filled with Beauty Queen.


Amaized Carrot Soup
Chicken Chupe Soup
Roasted Pepper Soup

Bites and Sides

Baked Plantains
Baked plantains with shredded queso blanco.
Arepa Wedges
Naked Arepa

Kid's Menu

Kids Cachapa
Made with handmade cheese.
Kids Arepita
Half of one of our signature arepas, filled with your choice of meat or cheese, sure to delight any youngster!


Iced Tea
Bottle of Water
AF Passion Fruit
Polar Malta
Sparkling Water
Orange Juice
AF Blackbery
Apple Juice


Tres Leches
3 milks.
Cuatro Leches
4 milks.


Perico Arepa
Our delicious “Perico”: scrambled eggs, onion & tomato. (choose whole eggs or egg whites).
Perico & “...” Arepa
“Perico” & Gouda, white cheese, ham or avocado (choose one)
Fresh cheese Arepa
Our morning classic: Choose between white or Gouda cheese.
Nata, Avocado & Tomato Arepa
Creamy avocado with fresh tomatoes & creamy nata
Breakfast Cachapas
2 small cachapas with "de mano" cheese & maple syrup.
Perico & Avocado Platter
Perico, avocado, plantains & fresh or grilled white cheese.
KNT Platter
Black beans, scrambled eggs, plantains & fresh or grilled white cheese.
Perico & Bacon Platter
Perico, bacon & fresh or grilled white cheese.
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