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Burrata Salad
Fresh mozzarella cheese, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, oregano, olive oil, and red wine.
Caesar Salad
Green salad of Romiane lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing.
Greek Salad
Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, cucumbers, tomato, and red onions. Served with olive oil, lemon, and oregano dressing.
Arugula Salad
Arugula, avocado, raisins, walnut, slices of parmesan cheese, and lemon dressing.
Tabbouleh Salad
Finely chopped parsley, onions, tomato, and bulgur wheat dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice.
Fattoush Salad
7 spices garden salad, toasted pita bread, sumac spice, and a bright citrus dressing.


7 Spices Burger
Lamb and beef blend, caramelized onions, grilled halloumi cheese, and 7 spices aioli. Served with fries or sweet potatoes fries.
Sobe Burger
Beef, porcini mushrooms, bacon, melted American cheese, BBQ sauce, and sauteed onion. Served with choice fries or sweet potatoes fries.
The Rocket Burger
Beef, honey mustard, melted gruyer cheese, sliced red onions, arugula, and hass avocados. Served with choice of fries or sweet potatoes fries.


Fettuccini Mushroom
Fettuccine pasta with fresh porcini mushrooms, truffle oil, and parmesan cheese.
Spaghetti and Octopus
Octopus spaghetti pasta in a classic Italian tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes.
Pasta Alfredo


Phoenician Fries
Fries, truffle oil, American cheese, parsley, and garlic.
Strained yogurt cream cheese. Served with olive oil and pita bread.
Cheese Sambousek
4 pieces of fried pastry, sesame seeds, and stuffed with imported cyprus halloumi cheese.
Beef Sambousek
4 pieces of fried pastry and stuffed with beef, almonds, and onions.
Chickpea puree, tahini, lemon, and olive oil.
Baba Ghanoush
Grilled eggplant, tahini, garlic, lemon, and olive oil.
Warak Enab
8 pieces of stuffed grape leaves with rice, tomato, parsley, and olive oil.
6 pieces of fried chickpea croquettes.
4 pieces of minced beef, pine nuts, onions, bulgur wheat, and spices.
Mediterranean Sampler
Hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, two falafel, and two warak enab.
Chicken Lollipops
6 pieces of fried chicken wings. Served with honey BBQ sauce.
Tuna Tartar
Avocado, red onion, cilantro, mango, and zucchini sauce.
Grilled Halloumi Cheese
Served with olives, capers, and cherry tomatoes.
Signature dish of baked chickpeas, sauteed onions, tomatoes, and roasted eggplant.
Shishito Peppers
Sweet 7Spices Ponzu sauce, sesame seeds
Tzatziki Dip
Sour cream, shredded cucumber and pickles, salt, olive oil, mint
7Spices tuna bites
Fried nori,, diced tuna, avocado, 7spices ponzu sauce, sesame seeds


Chicken Shawarma
Roasted chicken marinated with special spices, thinly sliced, and rolled in pita bread with garlic and pickles. Served with our signature seven spices aioli.
Beef Shawarma
Roasted beef marinated with special spices, thinly sliced, and rolled in pita bread with tahini sauce and pickles, parsley, and tomato.
Veggie Falafel Shawarma
Falafel rolled in pita bread with tahini sauce, tomato, jalapeno, pickles, and parsley.
Signature dish of lentils and rice garnished with crispy onions.
Beef Kafta Kabab
2 skewers of charbroiled minced mixture of beef, red pepper, onion, and parsley. Served with tahini sauce and 7 spices rice.
Chicken Kafta Kabab
Marinated tender cubes of mixed chicken breast and thighs charbroiled on skewers. Served with 7 spices rice and aioli.
Beef Skewers
Fillet mignon skewers, Served with 7 spices rice and tahini sauce.
Chicken Skewers
Chicken skewers seasoned with special spices. Served with our special 7 spices rice and aioli.
Lamb Chops
4 pieces lamb chops seasoned with special spices and slowly charbroiled. Served with 7 spices rice and topped with red onion and cherry tomatoes.
Mixed Grill Tray
4 skewers of beef kafta kebab, chicken kafta kebab, chicken skewer, and beef skewer. Served with pita bread and 7 spices rice and aioli.
Rib Eye Steak
Grilled rib eye. Served with rosemary roasted potatoes.
Filet Mignon
Grilled beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, and eggplant. Served with demi glace sauce.
Seafood Risotto
Shrimp, mussels, clams, and fresh marinara sauce.
Grilled Salmon
Grilled salmon. Served with sauteed carrot, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and olive lime sauce.
Grilled Mediterranean Branzino
Grilled branzino. Served with sauteed carrot, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and olive lime sauce.
Red Octopus
Spanish Octopus, Cherry tomatoes, diced tomatoes, cube potatoes, green beans, olives
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Beef Shawarma Plate


2 pieces of baklava filled with pistachio and nuts.
Triple-nut Namoura
Sweet cake made from semolina soaked in a flavored sugar syrup and covered with pistachio, cashew, and almonds.
Chocolate Baklava Surprise
Homemade baklava filled with nutella and pistachio nuts with chocolate syrup
Cherry Cookies and Ice Cream
White chocolate cherry vanilla ice cream sandwich.
Sold out
Homemade cake filled with mascarpone cheese, coffee and cocoa powder
NY Cheesecake
Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Cake


7 Spices Rice
Rice with spices from the house, parsley, onion, red pepper
Sweet potatoes fries
Regular Fries
Tabbouleh Side
Pita Bread Side
Side Fries Half N' Half


Diet Coke


Thanksgiving turkey combo
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