Lentil As Anything (Thornbury)

$ • Vegetarian • Vegan
Opens at 11:30 AM
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  • Entrees and Light Meals

  • Mains

  • Desserts

Entrees and Light Meals

Soup of the Day
Topped with crispy croutons. NGF
Mixed Grain Salad
Light but filling. (GF)
Trio of Dips
Triple dips with bread (or veggie sticks if you're GF). Very fancy (like you made it yourself..) (NGO)


Curry of the Day
With brown rice and fresh herbs. GF
Dosa of the Day
Sri Lankan crepe filled with masala potato, mixed vegetables or beans.
Sold out
Topped with Almesan cheese (vegan Parmesan), it's made with veggie layers and white vegan cream. (NGF and Nuts)
Green Pea and Pumpkin Risotto
Topped with pesto sauce and almesan cheese (GF and Nuts)


Brownie of the Day
Chia Pudding
Topped with Assortment of dried fruits, seeds and sauce. (GF).
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