The B.E.C.

$$ • Breakfast and Brunch • Traditional American
Opens at 8:00 AM
  • Entrees

  • Sides


The B.E.C.
Thick cut bacon, black pepper and ketchup.
The H.E.C.
Maple glazed thick cut ham and ketchup
The S.E.C.
House-made pork breakfast sausage patty with sage, fennel, caraway seeds and ketchup.
The C.E.C.
House-made pork chorizo with chile, oregano, cumin seeds and ketchup.
The P.E.C.
Grilled pastrami and ketchup.
The _.E.C.
No meat.
The C.K.E.C.
House-made chicken sausage with parsley, red chile flake and ketchup


Potato Loosies
Smashed and fried fingerling Potato with parmesan cheese and spicy sour cream.
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