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Most Popular

Sesame Chicken Breast Szechuan Style 芝麻鸡胸肉
Vegetable Chow Mein 菜炒面
Beef with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒牛肉
Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁


Vegetable Spring Rolls (4 Pieces) 素春卷
Steamed Chicken Dumplings (8 Pieces) 蒸饺
Cream Cheese Wonton (6 Pieces) 芝士云吞
Fried Chicken Dumplings (8 Pieces) 炸饺
Chicken Egg Roll 鸡春卷
Sweet Sesame Ball (8 Pieces) 芝麻球
Fried Tofu Cubes (8 Pieces) 炸豆腐
Fried Shrimp (6 Pieces) 炸虾

Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice 菜炒饭
Chicken Fried Rice 鸡炒饭
Pork Fried Rice肉炒饭
Shrimp Fried Rice 虾炒饭
Beef Fried Rice牛炒饭
Combination Fried Rice 什锦炒饭
Shrimp, pork, and chicken.
Extra Steam Rice

Chow Mein

Vegetable Chow Mein 菜炒面
Chicken Chow Mein 鸡炒面
Pork Chow Mein 肉炒面
Beef Chow Mein 牛炒面
Shrimp Chow Mein 虾炒面
Combination Chow Mein 什锦炒面
Shrimp, pork, and chicken.
Tofu Chow Mein 豆腐炒面

Rice Noodles

Vegetable Rice Noodles 菜炒米粉
Chicken Rice Noodles 鸡炒米粉
Pork Rice Noodles 肉炒米粉
Beef Rice Noodles 牛肉炒米粉
Shrimp Rice Noodles 虾炒米粉
Combination Rice Noodles 什锦炒米粉
Shrimp, pork, and chicken.

Rice Cakes

Vegetable Rice Cake 菜炒年糕
Chicken Rice Cake 鸡炒年糕
Pork Rice Cake 肉炒年糕
Beef Rice Cake 牛肉炒年糕
Shrimp Rice Cake 虾炒年糕
Combination Rice Cake 什锦炒年糕
Shrimp, pork, and chicken.

Chow Fun

Chicken Chow Fun 干炒鸡河
Pork Chow Fun 干炒肉河
Beef Chow Fun 干炒牛河
Shrimp Chow Fun 干炒虾河
Combination Chow Fun 什锦炒河
Shrimp, pork, and chicken.
Vegetable Chow Fun 干炒菜河

Chop Suey

Chicken Chop Suey 鸡什菜
Pork Chop Suey 肉什菜
Beef Chop Suey 牛什菜
Shrimp Chop Suey 虾什菜
Combination Chop Suey 什锦什菜
Shrimp, pork, and chicken.


Gourmet Vegetable 清炒什菜
Sautéed Broccoli 清炒西兰
Sautéed Green Bean 清炒四季豆
Eggplant with Tofu 鱼香豆腐茄子
Eggplant with Garlic Sauce 鱼香茄子
Kung Pao Tofu 宫保豆腐
Orange Flavor Tofu 陈皮豆腐
Szechuan Sesame Tofu 芝麻豆腐
Tofu with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒豆腐
Tofu with Vegetables 豆腐蔬菜
Tofu with Cashew Nuts 腰果豆腐
Tofu with Broccoli 豆腐西兰
Tofu with Garlic Sauce 鱼香豆腐
Tofu with Black Pepper 黑椒豆腐


Black Pepper Chicken 黑椒炒鸡肉
Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁
Mushroom Chicken 磨菇鸡
Chicken with Broccoli 鸡芥兰
Chicken with Cashew Nuts 腰果鸡
Orange Flavored Chicken 陈皮鸡
Sweet and Sour Chicken 甜酸鸡
String Bean Chicken Breast 白肉四季豆
Sesame Chicken Breast Szechuan Style 芝麻鸡胸肉
Pepper Chicken with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒鸡
Orange Flavored Chicken Breast 陈皮鸡胸肉
Kung Pao Chicken Breast 宫保鸡胸肉
Prepared with White Meat
Mushroom Chicken Breast 磨菇鸡胸肉
Prepared with white meat.
Chicken Breast with Broccoli 白肉鸡芥兰
Prepared with white meat.
Black Pepper Chicken Breast 黑椒炒白肉
Prepared with white meat.
Chicken Breast with Cashew Nuts腰果白肉
Prepared with white meat.
Teriyaki Chicken 煎鸡肉
grilled chicken with sauce


Chinese Sausage with Egg 香肠炒蛋
Pork with Mushroom 肉炒鲜菇
Pork with String Bean 肉炒四季豆
Szechuan Pork with Soft Tofu 川式辣肉嫩豆腐
Pork with Black Pepper黑椒炒肉
Pork with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒炒肉


Beef with Broccoli 牛肉芥兰
Mongolian Beef 蒙古牛
Kung Pao Beef 宫保牛
Peking Crispy Beef 北京牛
Hot, sweet, and sour with green and red bell peppers, and onions.
Beef with Mushroom 磨菇牛
Beef with String Bean 牛肉四季豆
Beef with Black Pepper 黑椒牛
Kung Pao Combination 宫保三样
Shrimp, beef, and chicken. Spicy.
Beef with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒牛肉
Sesame Beef with Orange Flavor 陈皮牛
Spicy with orange flavor and sesame seed topping.


Shrimp with Mushroom 虾仁炒鲜菇
Shrimp with Broccoli 虾仁炒西兰
Kung Pao Shrimp 宫保虾仁
Black Pepper Shrimp 黑椒炒虾仁
Seasonal Salt Shrimp 椒盐虾
Shrimp with Cashew Nut 腰果虾仁
Shrimp with String Bean 干扁虾仁四季豆
Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒虾仁
Spicy Garlic Shrimp 鱼香虾仁
Sautéed Shrimp (30 Pieces) 清炒虾仁
Walnut Shrimp 核桃虾
Glazed with mayonnaise sauce.
Shrimp with Scramble Egg 虾仁炒蛋

Sole Fillet

Sole Fillet and Tofu with Hot Sauce 鱼片辣豆腐
Sole Fillet with Seasonal Salt 椒盐鱼片
Sole Fillet with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒鱼片
Sole Fillet with Brown Sauce 鲜抽炒鱼片
Sole Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce 甜酸鱼片


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