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Opens at 9:00 AM
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  • Pastas

  • Sandwiches/Burger/Taco

  • Taste's Fresh Juice Bar

  • Wood Fired Pizza

Starters and Soups

Pommes Frites
Garlic aioli, white balsamic-tartar & ketchup
Grilled Artichoke
White balsamic-tartar sauce.
White Truffle Oil & Mushroom Mac & Cheese
Calamari Fritti
Lime sriracha aioli.
Thai Chicken Cups
Minced mary’s chicken, shallots, crispy rice, peanuts, lemongrass vinaigrette, butter lettuce, cilantro.
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Tomato, chipotle, jalapeño, corn, cilantro, red peppers, avocado, crème fraîche, crispy tortilla strips.
Wild Mushroom Pizzetta
Flatbread pizza, wild mushrooms, mozzarella, white truffle cream sauce, fresh thyme.
Blt Pizzetta
Flatbread pizza, applewood smoked bacon, oven roasted tomato, roasted garlic, aged white cheddar cheese, arugula pesto.
Apple & Caramelized Onion Pizzetta
Flatbread pizza, gorgonzola cheese, honey.
Korean Sweet Potato Fries
Lime sriracha aioli.
Papaya "Kobe" Beef Meatballs
Wagyu american beef, caramelized onions, pine nuts, golden raisins, roasted corn salsa
Soup Of The Day
Ask your server for today’s selection.


Roasted Beet
Organic baby spinach, shaved red onion, toasted walnuts, herbed goat cheese, roasted shallot vinaigrette.
Roasted Vegetable
Organic mixed greens, red quinoa, fennel, carrots, red bell peppers, red onions, zucchini, tomatoes, grilled lemon, honey mustard dressing.
Waldorf Chicken
Pulled mary’s chicken breast, organic mixed greens, apples, caramelized walnuts, seedless grapes, gorgonzola cheese, gorgonzola dressing.
Cobb Salad
Pulled mary’s chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, hard boiled eggs, avocado, green onions, walnuts, tomatoes, romaine, gorgonzola cheese, roasted shallot vinaigrette.
Blackened Salmon
All natural pan roasted salmon, organic mixed greens, fresh herbs, goat cheese, capers, oven roasted tomato, roasted shallot vinaigrette.
Chopped Sabrosa
R omaine lettuce, avocado, roasted corn, tomatoes, black beans, red onion, cilantro, aged white cheddar cheese, red bell peppers, honey-jalapeño vinaigrette, crispy tortilla strips.
Organic arugula, kalamata olives, oregano, grape tomato, cucumbers, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, roasted shallot vinaigrette.
Super Food Salad
Kale, spinach, romaine, walnuts, apple, pomegranate seed, qunoa, dried cranberries, golden beets, avocado, meyer lemon vinaigrette .


Almond And Grape Tomato Penne
Brown rice penne pasta, grape tomato almond pesto, fresh basil, garlic, e.V.O.O., parmigiano, pecorino romano.
Rigatoni Bolognese
Slow cooked rich red meat sauce, parmigiano, pecorino romano.
Kobe "Beef" Meatballs Pasta
Wagyu american beef, golden raisins, caramelized onions, white truffle cheese fondue, pine nuts, linguine, parmigiano, pecorino romano.
Seafood Linguine
Natural salmon, shrimp, calamari, bechamel, spicy pomodoro sauce.


Taste Club
Grilled chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, lime sriracha aioli, honey mustard cabbage slaw
Applewood Smoked Candy Bacon Toast
Organic arugula, oven roasted tomatoes, burrata cheese, avocado, balsamic reduction, ciabatta.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Aged white cheddar cheese, tomato dipping sauce.
Kobe Beef Burger (8oz)
Wagyu american beef, onion jam, organic arugula, oven roasted tomato, toasted brioche bun.
Blackened Salmon Tacos
Natural salmon, shredded cabbage, avocado, roasted corn salsa, soft corn tortilla, chipotle crème fraîche.
Chicken Salad
Pulled mary’s organic chicken, tarragon, aioli, gala apple, arugula, toasted brioche bread.

Taste's Fresh Juice Bar

Taste Of Green
Kale, spinach, parsley, celery, apple, cucumber, lemon
Taste Detox
Carrot, beet, ginger, apple, lemon, cayenne pepper
Immune Booster
Apple, ginger, cucumber, lemon, spinach
Green Ginger Ale
Apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, lime, ginger beer, mint

Wood Fired Pizza

Applewood smoked bacon, oven roasted tomato, roasted garlic, aged white cheddar cheese, arugula pesto
Grape Tomato Basil
Sauteed fresh grape tomato, fresh basil, pomodoro sauce
Crispy Chicken
Breaded all natural mary’s chicken breast, caramelized onions, organic arugula & red onion salad
Potato and Rosemary
Thinly sliced potato, fresh rosemary, red onion, E.V.O.O. garlic
Wild Mushrooms
White truffle cream sauce, fresh thyme
Kobe Beef Meatballs
American wagyu beef, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion, wild mushrooms, pomodoro sauce
Burrata and Roasted Vegetables
Carrots, red pepper, red onion, zucchini, fennel, cream sauce, parmigiano-pecorino cheese, organic arugula
Smoked Salmon Pizza
Fingerling potatoes, red onion, dill, creme fraiche, garlic, E.V.O.O. lemon zest
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