Sapporo Sushi

$$ • Japanese
40–50 min
  • Sapporo Special

  • Salad

  • Hot Small Dish

  • Cold Small Dish

  • Side Order

  • Udon

  • Kopan Ramen

  • Bento Combo

  • Poke Special

  • Beverages

Sapporo Special

X1. Crispy Rice with Smoked Salmon
4pcs. Smoked Salmon and Avocado on Pan Fried Rice with Truffle Oil
X2. Miso Glazed Black Cod
Miso marinated black cod on bed of sushi rice with house special pickles.
X3. Salmon Tataki Sashimi with Lemon Salt
Seared salmon sashimi with white truffle oil, lemon salt, and crispy micro mix.
X4. Yaki Tako
Grilled extra tender octopus with chef special soy sauce.
X5. Crazy Bluefin Hand Roll
Two pieces. Spicy bluefin tuna hand roll.


S1. Sashimi Salad
S2. Spicy Tuna Salad
S4. Salmon Skin Salad
S5. Crab Salad
S7. House Salad
S8. Seaweed Salad
S9. Cucumber Salad
S3. Salmon Salad
S6. Beets Salad

Hot Small Dish

H1. Creamy Jalapeno
Lightly fried with spicy tuna, cream cheese in jalapeño.
H2. Disco Shrimp
Lightly fried shrimp with three different dipping sauces.
H3. Calamari Ring
Lightly fried calamari with three different sauce.
H4. Sesame Chicken
Marinated in sesame garlic sauce and lightly fried.
H5. Baked Mussels
Baked New Zealand mussels with miso mayo sauce.
H6. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
With tempura sauce.
H7. Chicken Cutlet
Deep fried tender juicy chicken covered with bread crumb.
H8. Shishito Peppers
Pan fried shishito pepper with garlic soy sauce.
H9. Idako Karaage
Fried baby octopus with sweet chili and tar-tar sauce.
H10. Fried Beef Gyoza
Six pieces. Beef dumpling with sweet and sour soy sauce.
H11. Shrimp Shumai
Five pieces. With sweet and sour sauce.
H13. Spicy Garlic Edamame
Pan fried soy bean with chopped fresh garlic and chili pepper.
H14. Tako Yaki
Five pieces. Lightly fried wheat cakes filled with diced octopus, mayo, and house special sauce.
H15. New Agedashi Tofu
Lightly deep fried tofu with yuzu sauce (Japanese citrus).
H12. Ika Geso

Cold Small Dish

C1. Sashimi Sampler
Five pieces of Chef's choice sashimi with ponzu sauce.
C3. Tuna Popeye
Five pieces. Seared tuna sashimi with crispy spinach and garlic. Soy mustard.
C4. Yellowtail Sunrise
Five pieces. Thin sliced yellowtail sashimi with house special salsa.
C5. Crunch Onion Albacore
Five pieces. Thin sliced seared albacore sashimi and crunch onion with ponzu and soy mustard.
C6. Salmon Blue Crab
Four pieces. Fresh salmon with real crab, avocado, and truffle ponzu.

Side Order

Miso Soup
Brown Rice
Coconut Shrimp Tempura
One Piece.
Steamed Rice
Shrimp Tempura
One piece.


Japanese Udon

Kopan Ramen

Red Ramen Combo
Black Ramen Combo
Black Ramen
Port Broth: Pork Chashu, Bean Sprouts, Bamboo Shoot, Kikurage Mushroom, Corn, Seasoned Egg, Green Onion, Dried Seaweed, Black Garlic Oil.
Red Ramen
Pork Broth: Chashu, Bean Sprouts, Bamboo Shoot, Kikurage Mushroom, Corn, Seasoned Egg, Green Onion Dried Seaweed, Sesame Seed, Spicy Miso.

Bento Combo

Choose Two Items Bento Combo Dinner
Served with house salad, rice, and soup.
Choose Three Items Bento Combo Dinner
Served with house salad, rice, and soup.

Poke Special

Poke Bowl
Includes white and green onion, masago, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad, sesame seed, and up to three kinds of fish.


Soft Drinks
Iced Green Tea
Fruit Juice
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