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The Signature Soul Wrap
Baked chicken, greens, and mac n cheese.
Alices Final Word
Baked chicken, dirty rice, beans, and mac n cheese.
The Greatest Soul Wrap
BBQ brisket, kale, and mac n cheese.
Langstons Choice
BBQ brisket, dirty rice, beans, and greens.
MS Jordans Verdict Soul Wrap
Fish, dirty rice, bans, and greens.
Zora Neals Special
Fish, mac n cheese, and kale.
The Renaissance
Greens, kale, and cabbage.
MS Brooks Way
Dirty rice, beans, mac n cheese, and greens.
The Ellison
Oxtails, dirty rice, beans, and greens.
Maya A
Cornbread with mild peppers, corn, mac n cheese, and BBQ Brisket, or chicken.
Plantain Chips
Sweet Potato Fries
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