Poke Bar (442 W. Huntington Dr.)

$ • Poke • Hawaiian • Japanese • Seafood • Sushi
Opens at 11:00 AM
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Signature Poke Bowl

Sunset House
Ahi tuna, salmon, cucumber, corn, green onion, sesame oil, dressing, ponzu, masago, two choices of salads, sesame seeds, and crunchy garlic.
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Spicy Poke Bowl
OG tuna premade, Ahi tuna, sweet white onion, edamame, jalapeno, green onion, spicy mayonnaise dressing, dressing, pickled ginger, crunchy garlic, and your choice of two salads.
Sold out
Wasabi Poke Bowl
Salmon, shrimp, sesame oil, white onion, green onion, edamame, wasabi mayonnaise, wasabi shoyu, pickled ginger, and your two choices of salads.
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Sweet Chili Bowl
Salmon, scallop, sesame oil, white onion, green onion, jalapeno, edamame, sweet chili, dressing, wasabi, sesame seeds, crunchy onion, and your two choices of salads.
Sold out
Vegetarian Poke Bowl
Tofu, Sweet onion, green onion, edamame, kale, cucumber, dressing, ponzu, seaweed salad, cucumber salad, pickled ginger, furikake, and mix nuts.
Sold out

Create Your Own

Small Poke Bowl
Medium Poke Bowl
Large Poke Bowl

A La Carte

Miso Soup
Seaweed Salad
Poke by Weight
6 oz.
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Bottled Water
Coconut Water
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