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A) Rice Porridge (죽/米粥)
B) Bibimbap (비빔밥/拌饭)
C) Slow Cooking Stews (찜요리/蒸)
D) Fast Cooking Stews (탕-찌개 식사/湯)
E) Soup with Rice (국&밥/汤泡饭)
F) Dumpling and Rice Cake Soup (떡국/만둣국_米片/饺子汤)
G) Popular and Traditional Stews (전통찌개/正宗湯)
H) Stir Fried Dishes (불고기/볶음/Bulgogi/烤)
J) Grilled and Braised Fish (생선구이/조림_烤鱼/炖鱼)
K) Fried Rice (볶음밥/炒飯)
L) Street Food (분식/快餐)
M) Noodles (면/麵)
N) Fried Dishes (튀김/油炸食物)
P) Entrees (안주요리/主菜)
Q) Combos (콤보메뉴/組合菜單)
R) Sides and Add Ons (추가메뉴/附加菜單)
S) Desserts and Snacks (디저트&스낵/甜點&饼干)
T) Beverage (음료/饮品)

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