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olives with wild fennel & orange
Most Popular
lavender almonds
chef's signature snack! salty, sweet, and a touch of lavender
Most Popular
corn nuts
curry cashews
chickpea hummus with crudite

lunch plates

salad nicoise
tuna, potato, green bean, castelvetrano olive, hard boiled egg, dijon vinegar dressing
arugula salad
harry’s berries strawberry, walnut, manchego, champagne vinaigrette
grain salad
triticale, beet, almond, seed mix, jj’s lone daughter avocado, roasted garlic vinaigrette
chopped salad
garden of market lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, comté, calabrese, pickled fresno chile, castelvetrano olive
chicken club
mary’s organic chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, whole grain mustard, aioli, milo & olive pain de mie
jj's lone avocado toast
milo & olive country loaf, dill pollen, benne seeds
tuna melt
provolone, bechamel, olive tapenade, red onion on milo & olive whole grain bread
grilled cheese
reading, provolone, reggiano, bechamel
Most Popular
esters reuben
house corned brisket, sauerkraut, reading, smoked tomato, rye
Most Popular

meats and cheeses

cheese plate
chef’s selection of three cheeses with honey, chutney, toast
charcuterie plate
chef’s selection of three meats with cornichons
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