Brazilian Steakhouse Cantinho Sul

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Opens at 5:00 PM
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Brassett's Classic Burger
Beef burger with tomato, shredded lettuce, and mayonnaise served on a soft bun. Served with fries.
Burger Del Toro
An all beef burger with jalapenos, cheese, and chorizo sausage. Served with fries.
Burger El Greco
A succulent beef burger topped with grilled halloumi and chorizo picante. Served with fries.
Brassett classic loaded with cheese. Served with fries.
The Mother Clucker Chicken Burger
Chicken breast burger, bacon, and reggae sauce. Served with fries.
The Mex Chillli Burger
A Mexican teat loaded with all meat chili, cheese, and diced onions. Served with fries.


Brazilian Meat BBQ Rodizio
Serves one. Skewers of various kinds of cube and sliced cuts of meat from BBQ grill with selection of salads and hot dishes, three large takeaway containers, one cold buffet box, one hot buffet, and one BBQ box.
Mini Brazilian BBQ & Salad For One
Skewers of various kinds of quality cube & sliced cuts of meat from our BBQ Grill with our selection of Salads, 2 Small takeaway containers, one cold buffet box, one BBQ Meat box

Brazilian Street Food

Great For Sharing
Coxinha (Chicken pastry), Risole de bacalhau (Fishcakes), Pão De Queijo (Cheese Bread), Risoles de Carne, (beef rissoles), With lime mayo and malagueta chilly dips


Crispy Onion Rings
House Fries
Turkish Bulgur Rice
Sold out
Sweet Potato Fries
Plain Rice


Coco Cola
Orange Juice
Mango Juice
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