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Classic Lunch Specials

Miso Tonkatsu Ramen
Miso base with Japanese ramen noodles, egg, green onions, seaweed, vegetables, and beansprouts. Choice of chicken or beef or tofu.
Butter Chicken
A twist on the dish served with Thai spices, smothered with organic grass fed butter on a bed of black rice with salad, and green onions. Pairs well with purple ginger kombucha on tap.
Maholo Kimchee Poke
Sushi grade maguro tuna with kimchee and seasonal veggies. Served on black rice with Yuzu miso vinaigrette and in umami milano sauce.
Ginger Beef Pasta
An in Asian and European creation. It is served with a bed of Italiano pasta sauteed with organic vegetables and umami ginger beef.
Honey Garlic Chicken Pasta
An in Asian and European creation. Its served with a bed of Italiano pasta sauteed with organic vegetables.
Banh Mi Tacos
Four pieces. Choice of chicken, beef or tofu. Served on toasted corn tortillas with pickled carrots, pickled onions, cucumbers, cilantro, and jalapenos.
Khao Soi
Chiang Mai Northern Thailand dish coconut based with egg noodles and chicken. Garnished with vegetables, a crispy noodles on top, and cilantro.
Panang Peanut Curry
Thai curry with vegetables and coconut milk as base. Served with black rice and salad. Choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian.
Korean style rice with vegetables. Choice of beef, chicken or tofu. Served with egg and Japanese caviar in mixed rice.
Wonton Soup
Soup with veggies and plump filled wontons pairs well with strawberry limonade kombucha on tap.
Umami Dumplings
Six pieces hot water dough dumplings with juicy pork and vegetables yum.
Italian Seafood
Organic greens served with artisanal style seafood squid, shrimp, & mussels/scallops.
Greek Feta Salad
Organic greens served with feta salad and aioli bread
Beef bone broth simmered with authentic Vietnamese spices served with fresh veggies, herbs, cilantro and onions
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