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Bubble Waffles

The James Gang Bubble Waffle
Maple sausage with a creamy chive and onion spread.
Beaches of Cayenne Bubble Waffle
Sweet Nutella paired with a sassy cayenne spicy finish.
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The Elvis Bubble Waffle
Fresh bananas creamy peanut butter.
El Chapo Bubble Waffle
With fresh jalapeno and all natural sausage. Topped with fresh guacamole.
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Grace O’Malley Bubble Waffle
Blend of coconut with fresh pineapple. Sweet with fresh shredded coconut.
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The Dougherty Bubble Waffle
Carries all natural chocolate chips and Michigan cherries. Topped with creamy peanut butter.
The Simple Guy Bubble Waffle
I Got Wasted Last Night Bubble Waffle
Waffle, sausage, hash browns, Cheddar, bacon, and Buffalo sauce.
S’mores Bubble Waffle
Topped with chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers, and roasted marshmallow.
Bacon Meets Pebbles Bubble Waffle
Bacon matched up with fruity pebbles and a strong base of cream cheese and strawberry jam.
The WU Bubble Waffle
Tiger Style WU Bubble Waffle
Jalapeno, siracha, Buffalo, Shaolin sauce, and a herb cream cheese.


Peanut Butter Bacon Toast
Sliced 5 grain sourdough bread and creamy peanut butter topped with crispy bacon.
Avocado Toast
Sliced 5 grain sourdough bread and scratch made avocado spread with a hint of fresh lime. Topped with flax seed, fresh cut grape tomatoes, and cilantro.


Mexicali Rose Tea
Hibiscus, passion fruit, and raspberry with light sparkle.
Cold Brew Coffee
Single source Guatemalan with refreshing finish.
Sparkling and fermented tea with live probiotics ginger and turmeric.
Nitro Cold Brew
TCB black sail nitro coffee. Smooth, creamy, and Guatemalan single origin.


Hot Brewed
12 oz.
Iced Brewed
16 oz.
Office Brewed
94 oz.
Cold Brewed
Hot Tea
12 oz.
Iced Tea
16 oz.
Office Tea
94 oz.
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