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Edgy Veggies Salads

The Berry Berry Steak Salad
Succulent strips of steak over a mixture of arcadian lettuce with fresh strawberries, candied walnuts, and blue cheese with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
Chicken Ceasar Salad
Roasted chicken strips over a bed of Romaine lettuce, tossed in Caesar dressing and fresh made croutons.
Chef Salad
Turkey, Cheddar cheese, bacon, egg, and tomatoes on a bed of lettuce with your choice of dressing and served with a toasted roll.
Totally Vegan Salad
Vegan salad with hundred percent organic and natural ingredients from mother earth. Fresh strawberries, avocado, olives, pepperoncini arcadian lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and onions.
My Big Fat "Greek" Salad
Kalamata olives, red onion, tomato, cucumber, and feta cheese all tossed in olive oil and balsamic.
Felon Melon Salad
Watermelon, fresh mint, lime juice, dill, red onion, and feta cheese over a bed of spinach all tossed in red wine vinaigrette.
Chicken Avocado Salad
Fresh greens, chicken salad over a half avocado, crunchy bacon and your choice of dressing served with a toasted roll.
Tuna Avocado Salad
Fresh greens, tuna salad over half avocado, olives and your choice of dressing served with a toasted roll.

Cold Shackwiches

The Mobster Lobster Roll
Real lobster, surimi, celery, lemon juice, aioli, and butter served on a lobster roll.
Italian Job
Mortadella, capicola, genoa salami, cotto salami, pepperoni provolone cheese, roasted tomatoes, and pepperoncinis.
Green Shack Signature
Smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, and dijon mustard, toasted.
Cold Cut Stack Attack
Roast beef, turkey, and ham combo.
The Single Lady Cold Cut
Godmother Specialty Meat
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.
Simply Chicken Salad
Our own chicken breast tossed with green onions, celery, mayonnaise, and mustard. Recommended on squaw with spinach, bacon, and avocado.
The Tuna Shack
Our own tuna salad made with relish, pepperoncinis, mayonnaise, and mustard and few secret ingredients.
The Capri
Buffalo mozzarella, roma tomatoes, basil, pesto all served on a panini or on a wrap.
The Untamed Veggie
Spinach, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, avocado, bell peppers, and olives.

Hot Shackwiches

The Joker
Hot pastrami with caramelized onions mustard, cheese, and pickles with your choice of bread, cheeses, veggies, and spreads.
Havana Cubana
Mustard, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, ham, and pork all pressed on a French roll panini style.
Shack Style Philly
Sliced and grilled roast beef with carmelized onions, bell peppers, melted cheese, and our special sauce with your choice of bread, cheeses, veggies, and spreads.
Roast Beef Dipper "French Dip"
Grilled sliced roast beef with caramelized onions soaked in beef broth (au jus) and melted provolone with your choice of bread, cheeses, veggies, and spreads.
Mafia Meatball "It's Killer"
A rolled Italian meatball stuffed with mozzarella and a splash of marinara topped with parmesan and more mozzarella all broiled on a fresh roll.
Hot Italian
Roasted artichoke, panini style, mortadella, capicola, genoa salami, cotto salami and pepperoni provolone cheese, roasted tomatoes, and pepperoncinis.
Reuben Roulette on Rye
Grilled corned beef and onion with sauerkraut, pickles, Swiss and Russian dressing on rye with your choice of bread, cheeses, veggies, and spreads.
So Clucking Good
Breaded chicken tender with Swiss cheese and apple smoked bacon with honey mustard served on a French toast roll and a side maple syrup.
Tuna Shack Melt
Our own tuna salad made with relish, pepperoncinis, mayonnaise, and mustard and few secret ingredients with Swiss cheese and pickles on rye, pressed in our panini grill.
Law Ful Waffle
Sriracha flavored waffle cone stuffed with macaroni and cheese and fried chicken pieces.
BLT Panini
Bacon, lettuce, and tomato on sourdough bread, pressed on our grill and its magic.
Grown up Grilled Cheese Panini
Cheddar, provolone, and butter on sourdough bread pressed on our panini press and bacon.
Truffle Macaroni and Cheese
White truffle macaroni and cheese with crispy topping. Made with parmesan bechemel, white truffle oil, and brioche bread crumbs.
Mobbin Macaroni and Cheese
A traditional macaroni and cheese with a creamy Cheddar sauce.


Vanilla Horchata
Ultra creamy horchata smoothie made with coconut milk, yogurt, and orange juice. Tastes like a creamsicle!
Chunks of mango layered with mango ice and chamoy topped by chunks of tamarind candy.
Banana Caramel Protein
Healthy and hearty banana caramel shake utilizing real bananas and protein powder. It’s guaranteed to get you through the day!
Strawberry Banana
Delicious strawberry and banana flavored smoothie made with an ice and water base only.
Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
Made with real vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, honey, bananas, and milk. Drizzled with chocolate and topped with whip cream. This is pure indulgent and decadent.
Salted Thai Tea Smoothie
Sweetened condensed milk or coconut milk mixed with Thai tea powder and topped with whip cream and sea salt.

Over Ice

Horchata Over Ice
Mango Passion Over Ice
Fresh Mango Juice
Coffee Over Ice
Lemonade Over Ice
Pomegranate raspberry blueberry flavor – only 5 cal.


Espresso topped with steamed milk and foam.
Espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.
Café Latte
Espresso with steamed milk.
Iced Coffee
Black coffee over ice, add cream, vanilla or any other flavor.
Caramel Mocha
Mocha frappuccino covered in caramel drizzle.
Espresso topped with hot water.
Vanilla Frappuccino
Topped with whip-cream! Add chocolate or caramel drizzle for a new taste.

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