Sweet & Sawyer Ice Cream & Candy Shop

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Cookies by the Dozen
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Cookie and Cream Sandwiches
Cookies with buttercream icing.
Ice Cream by the Pint
Ice Cream Sundae
Root Beer Float
Root Beer & Vanilla Ice Cream


Craft Sodas by the Bottle
Delicious craft sodas from all over the country are sold through our location. Try one of our vintage root beers, sarsparilla or cream soda!


Jelly Belly jelly beans
These are the magic beans Jack was after at the top of the Beanstalk! Sold by the pound but we can mix 'em if we need to.
Pop Rocks
These are the favorites which are rumored to have led to the demise of Mikey from Life cereal
Nobody can forget about Pez, just pick your dispenser!

Ice Cream Floats

Chocolate KISS
Rock band KISS' root beer with a scoop of chocolate
Dirty Dr Pepper Float
Dr Pepper with a scoop of Toasted Coconut Ice Cream
Flaming Moe
Simpsons' DUFF brand energy drink with vanilla
PB&J Float
Salty Caramel Peanut ice cream with Grape soda
Make Your Own Custom Float
Pick a soda and ice cream, we'll do the rest
Classic Root Beer Float
Frostie brand root beer with vanilla ice cream
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