Helados La Azteca

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35–45 min
  • Ice Cream

  • Hand Crafted Beverages

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Taste of Mexico

  • Seasonal Menu

  • Coca Mexicana

Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Homemade Ice Cream
3 Marias
Homemade Ice Cream, 2 Scoops with a waffle bowl, your choice of fruit, strawberry wafer, coconut and pecan topping, your choice of syrup, topped off with a cherry on top
Banana Split
Homemade Ice Cream
Malted Milkshake
Homemade Ice Cream. Comes with choice of flavor. Note: photo shows variety but milkshake is one per order.
Ice Cream Churro Split
Two warm churros with three scoops of Azteca ice cream drizzled with house syrups of your choice, whipped cream, crushed pecans, and topped off with a cherry

Hand Crafted Beverages

Aguas Mexicanas
Delicious Handcrafted All Natural Fruit Beverages
Specialties Mangonada Loca
Frozen mango concoction topped off with fresh mango and Mexican Candy
Specialties Rusa Loca
Traditional fruits with a mix of limon, chamoy, & chili powder topped off with fresh mango & Mexican Candy. Served with a Squirt Soda.
Mangonada Congelada 9oz
Sold out
Specialties Piña Mangonada Loca
Specialties Piña Mangonada Loca

Fresh Fruit

Fruit Cup
Made with fresh fruit cut daily
Large Fruit Plate
Made with fresh fruit cut daily
Fresas con Crema
Homemade sweet cream with fresh strawberries. Topped off with whipped cream and strawberry syrup.
Pina Loca
Beautifully decorated pineapple base full of fruit and Mexican Candy
Pepino Loco
Cucumbers decorated with chili powder, chamoy, limon, cacahuate japones and Mexican Candy
Strawberry, papaya, canteloupe, apple and bananas with sweet homemade yogurt topped off with granola, pecans, coconut shavings and honey
Manzana Loca
Delicious large red apple decorated with Mexican Candy, chili powder, chamoy, and limon
Sold out

Taste of Mexico

Corn prepared with salt, butter, mayo and parmesan cheese
Chicharron Preparado Blanco
Fried Wheat prepared with pork skins, avocado, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cabbage
Corn Chips with nacho cheese. Topped off with jalapeños.
Conchitas Preparadas
Conchitas Chips prepared with corn, nacho cheese, sour cream and jalapeños
Conchitas Chips prepared with corn, parmesan cheese, sour cream and mayo
Mexican Doritos prepared with corn, nacho cheese, sour cream and jalapeños
Mexican Tostitos prepared with corn, nacho cheese, sour cream and jalapeños
Maruchan Preparada
Elotes Fuego
Elote Entero prepared with made in house Chipotle Mayo, nacho cheese, hot cheetos & parmesan cheese 🔥
Chicharrones de rueda

Seasonal Menu

Made when you order. Plain, nutella or cajeta!

Coca Mexicana

Coca Mexicana .5 L
Mexican Coke. 500ml. Glass
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