Chango Rosa

$$ • Latin American • Latin Fusion
Opens at 11:30 AM
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Por La Mesa

House-Made Salsa
Topped with Crunchy Corn!
Sweet Corn Guacamole
Queso Dip

Por La Boca

Chicken Wings…
Choice of BBQ or Picante, served with crema verde.
Pork stuffed plantain, croquettes, served with salsa rosada.
Nachos Changuito
Fried corn chips, Queso Blend, Guajillo BBQ, Crema, Pickled Jalapeños, Onions & Guac.
Choritos a la Chalaca
Steamed mussels, plum tomato, corn, red onion, garlic, olive oil, cilantro
With sautéed peppers and onions, chimichurri, scallions.
Queso Changuito
Cast iron baked cheese, roasted chorizo, queso sauce, pickled onion, scallions.
Loaded Street Corn
Elote del bribón, cool ranch doritos, chipotle aioli, pickled jalapeno and red onion, cotija, scallions.
Yucca Poutine
fried yucca, roasted chorizo, brisket gravy, melted queso blend, cotija cheese, scallions.
Burnt End-Chiladas
Burnt ends, guajillo BBQ, Cotija cheese.


The Schoolyard
Ground beef, house-made pickles, lettuce, melted cheese, plum tomato, spanish onion, salsa rosada.
On Main
BBQ pulled pork, cilantro-lime slaw, apple pico de gallo
Pastor y Piña
Al pastor, salsa verde, grilled and chilled pineapple, fresh jalapeño.
La Playa
Sautéed shrimp, shaved cabbage, mango pico de gallo, chipotle aioli.
El Oso
Smoked brisket, lettuce, sweet bbq, strawberry pico de gallo.
Chango’s Problemo
Roasted chorizo, crema, shredded cabbage, culo quemado salsa, chipotle aioli, scallions.
The West End
Impossible vegan “meat”, lettuce, smoked jalapeño salsa, roasted beet pico de gallo.
River Road
Crispy fish, nappa slaw, aguacate salsa.

Taco Combos

2 Taco Combo
Choice of any 2 tacos and either one side, 1/2 salad, OR Soup
3 Taco Combo
Choice of any 2 tacos & either One Side, 1/2 Salad, OR Soup


Wet Burrito
Shredded cheese, stewed beans, flour tortilla, brisket gravy, chipotle aioli, pico, guac, elote del bribón, crema.
Torta del Pescado
Ciabatta roll, crispy fish, guac, lettuce, chipotle aioli, pico.
White Chicken Chili Empanadas
Creamy chicken chili, butter beans, lettuce, plum tomato, avocado, cotija, crema.
Chango’s Queso-Dilla
Flour tortilla, cheese blend & queso sauce, scallions, crema, roja salsa.
Baked Chicken ChimiChango
Queso blend, smoked chicken, rice, smoked jalapeño salsa, guajillo bbq, aguacate, crema, chipotle aioli, lettuce, cilantro.
Pernil Quesadilla
Shredded cheese, roasted pork shoulder, rice, lentils.

Platos Grandes

Pollo ala Plancha
Frenched half chicken, rice, guac, tostones, sweet guajillo glaze.
Plato de Pernil
Roasted pork shoulder, rice & beans, avocado natural jus.


Elote del Bribón
Yucca Fries
Fried Brown Rice and Beans

Ensaladas Y Sopas

Iceberg with shaved asparagus, hearts of palm, jicama, radishes, onion, smoked cotija, aguacate vinaigrette.
Grilled avocado with roasted bell pepper, onion, cucumber, orange supremes, carrot twirls, citrus vinaigrette, and Lentils.
Radicchio, Mesclun, Iceberg, Sweet Corn, Raisins, Plum Tomato, Boiled Egg, Mild Pepper & Coriander Vinaigrette.
Pinto Chili
Cilantro oil with pickled onion, and scallions.
Pork and Beans
Roasted pork, chorizo, butter beans, green onion, and cilantro.

Los Niños

Changuito’s Dos Tacos
Your choice of protein with lettuce, Tomato, and side of rice.
Changuito’s Burrito
Rice with beans, cheese, and your choice of any tacos tradicionales meat.
Kid’s Pernil
Roasted Pork with side of rice and beans.

Treasures and Pleasures

Churros and Abuelitas Chocolate Sauce
Vegan coconut custard with cinnamon and toasted coconut.
Coffee Infused Tequila soaked Churros, Cinnamon Whipped Cream, Mascarpone Pastry Cream, and Cocoa Powder.
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