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35–45 min
  • Bone Broths

  • Signature Bols

  • Cold Pressed Juices and Smoothies

  • Zero-Toxin Coffee

  • Grab and Go Bevs

  • Pastries/Overnight Oats

Bone Broths

Chicken Bone Broth
Slow Simmered Broth. Sip as is or add toppings for a meal!
Broth Quart
32 oz of Delicious, Slow-Simmered Chicken Broth

Signature Bols

Your choice of protein, base, toppings, sauce, and garnishes.
Rebol Chicken
Sticky rice, tikka, tahini cashew cauliflower, street corn, scallion and crispy scallion.
Gluten Free Available
Coconut Pork Belly
Sticky rice, Apricot Mustard, Street Corn Salsa, Miso Charred Cabbage, Sesame, Jalapeno.
Gluten Free Available, Paleo Friendly
Tuna Poke
Cucumber Noodles with avocado pico, Asian Slaw, apricot ginger mustard, scallions, and sesame.
Gluten Free Available, Vegan Available, Paleo Available
Sold out
Rebol Steak
Sticky Rice, avocado pico, miso cabbage, yum yum, scallion an crispy garlic. (Paleo friendly)
Gluten Free Available, Paleo Available
Vegan Falafel
Kale and cabbage slaw, hummus, miso cabbage, jalapeno green curry, pickled veg.
Gluten Free Available, Paleo Friendly
Side Coconut Crisps
Contains Egg and Gluten
Side Keto Naan Bread
Keto, GF, and Paleo. Zatar Spices and Garlic Butter

Cold Pressed Juices and Smoothies

The Paleo Smoothie
Blueberry, banana, bone broth protein, flax, Bulletproof Octane oil, and almond milk.
Peanut Butter + Honey Milkshake
Vanilla ice cream, graham cracker crumb and Hartzler whole milk.
Green Smoothie
Pineapple, kale. coconut water and oj
Cold Pressed Juice
8 oz of Organic, Cold Pressed Juice. Pick flavor from below options
Acai Bol
Acai Puree, Grainless Granola, Cacao Nibs, Coconut Shreds, Berries, and Banana.

Zero-Toxin Coffee

Poursteady Pourover
A fresh brewed cup of drip coffee.
The Turkish Pourover
REBOL blend of Turkish spices, unsweetened.
Chocolatey and complex house bean.
Double shot espresso and steamed hartzler milk.
Espresso and steamed Hartzler chocolate milk.
Nature's Adderall
Nitrogen enriched cold brew. Extremely Potent.
Bulletproof Coffee
Prolonged energy from coffee, Brain Octane oil, and grass-fed butter.
Hot Chocolate
Steamed Hartzler and chocolate milk.
Ceremonial grade matcha green tea.
Matcha Latte
Ceremonial grade tea.
Iced Cold Brew
Cold Brewed for higher caffeine and a smoother taste.
Bulletproof Golden Milk
Almond milk, Brain Octane oil, grass fed butter, honey vanilla and cinnamon.
Mint Matcha
Fresh mint and stevia.
Honey Vanilla Latte
With house made honey vanilla syrup.
Chai Latte
Spiced tea blend and steamed Hartzler whole milk.
Peanut Butter Mocha
Chocolate whole milk, peanut butter, espresso
Bulletproof Vanilla
Bulletproof Coffee with Vanilla and Monk Fruit. Zero Sugar
Bulletproof Cacao
Bulletproof Coffee with Cacao and Monk Fruit. Zero Sugar
Beetroot Latte
Beetroot Powder, Monk Fruit, Vanilla, Steamed Almond Milk
Pumpkin Spice Bulletproof
Bulletproof Coffee with Pumpkin Puree, Spices, Monk Fruit and Coconut Milk. Zero Sugar

Grab and Go Bevs

Fountain Beverage
Cane Sugar, Natural Ingredients
Guyaki Yerba Mate
Energizing antioxidant tree leaf beverage, vitamin and mineral rich.
Organic, paleo friendly, infused electrolyte water. Blueberry, peach, or chocolate mint
C2O Coconut Water
Boxed Water
Inca Buch Kombucha
Variety of flavors

Pastries/Overnight Oats

Vegan Gluten Free Brownie
Sold out
Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie
Vegan Banana Flax Muffin
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Overnight Oats
Oats, Almond Milk, Almond Butter, Blueberries, Bananas, Maple, Lemon, Chia, Pepitas, Vanilla
Sold out
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