Craft Urban

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Opens at 11:00 AM
  • Snacks

  • Breads and Spreads

  • Largish Plates

  • Local Harvest Salads

  • Local Harvest Veggies

  • Kids- Too Small

  • Kids-Eat Your Veggies (Cold)

  • Kids-Eat Your Veggie (Hot)

  • Kids-Just Right

  • Desserts


Craft Fondue
Apples, truffle, and artisan bread.
Crisp Cheese Curds
Tempura, pickles, and pepper dipping sauce.
Pimento Cheese
Crisp Potatoes , Local Crudite
Craft Urban Lunchables
Artisan cured meats and cheeses.

Breads and Spreads

Smoked Salmon
pickled red onion, capers, horseradish, and artisan bread.
Proscuitto, peaches, greens, hazelnuts
brie, balsamic, greens, walnuts
peppers, cucumber, radish
Pimento Cheese
Local vegetable crudite, cucumbers, potato chips
Craft Butter
our bread and butter seasoned with the season
French Onion Dip
Local vegetable crudite, cucumbers, potato chips

Largish Plates

Hand Pattied Craft Urban Burger
Cheddar, pickles, tomato jam, and caramelized onions.
Crabbie Patties
Jonah Lump Cakes, apple, carrot salat, avocado aioli
Hot Chicken Sammy
house pickles, craft sauce, ranch
Artisan Grits and Shrimps
Paprika, greens, shaved celery, and radish.
Local Beef Short Ribs
Creamed corn, crispy kale, and natural jus.
Chicken n Dumplins
Boneless half chicken, roasted mushrooms, dumplings and country gravy
Mom's Meatloaf
fancy mashed taters, mushroom onion gravy, spicy ketchup
Sea Scallops
honey roasted turnips, arugula, fennel, citrus
Brisket Burger
braised short ribs, pesto fondue, crispy onions yes fries too
Country Fried Pork Tenderloin
braised greens, apples, lemon

Local Harvest Salads

Shaved Salad
Apples, radishes, carrots, kale, cider vinaigrette
Roasted Beets and Beets
Shaved carrots, baby kale, citrus, sunflower seeds, yogurt.
Chopped Salad
some of this, more of that, crunchy bits, pork belly
Caesar Salad
Oven Dried tomatoes, basil, crisp potatoes, miso honey dressing

Local Harvest Veggies

Charred Carrots
ricotta, fresh herbs, sunflower seeds, pesto
Craft Urban Fries
Sea salt and parsley truffle mayonnaise.
peppers, cashews, burrata cheese, balsamic
Clam Chowda
Carrots, celery, and surf clams
Harvest Risotto
Only what is best of the season
Clam Chowda
gluten free chowder, carrots and jumbo surf clams

Kids- Too Small

Avocado Toast
peppers, cucumbers, radish
Cheese Dip
apples, celery, toast
Cheese Curds
Tempura, b&b pickles, and dipping sauce.

Kids-Eat Your Veggies (Cold)

A Simple Salad
local greens, citrus, red wine vinaigrette
Beets and Beets
baby kale, carrots, citrus, seeds, quinoa, yogurt

Kids-Eat Your Veggie (Hot)

Crispy Potatoes
sea salt, parmesan
Roasted Carrots
olive oil, balsamic

Kids-Just Right

Mini Cheeseburgers
cheddar, b&b pickles, tomato jam
Grilled Cheese
all the cheeses, fries
Kids Shrimps
Grits, herbs, and celery.
Chicken Sammie
Crisp, coleslaw, and honey mayonnaise.
Hot Diggity Dog
toasted bun, ketchup, fries


White Chocolate Creme Caramel
Berries and berries and cookies
Chocolate Mousse
Olive oil, sea salt, and brunt marshmallow.
Its Just Cake
carrot cake, cream cheese layers, caramel sauce
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