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Meal Boxes - LUNCH

Chicken Tikka Masala Box
Creamy curry, good for children, tender chicken comes with Masala Rice.
Chicken Balls Curry Box
Medium spicy chicken balls prepared in well balance tomato and onion based curry + It Comes with Masala Rice
Shrimps Coconut Curry Box
Shrimps cooked with coconut milk + It comes with Masala Rice
Vegetarian curry of the day Box
Veggy speciality curry from Capital City of India (Delhi) , some times Mild or Medium spicy. + Masala Rice


LAMB KABAB WRAP - Medium Spicy
Grilled Charcoal flavored lamb kabab in whole wheat wrap.
Tandoori Chicken Wrap - Mild+ Spicy
Chicken baked with tandoori spices and blend with different spices for wrap
Chicken Reshmi Kabab Wrap - Med Spicy
Chicken grilled with aromatic spices and blend with Cheese to make kababs for wraps.
Chicken Kabab Wrap (Classic) - Mild spicy
Classic chicken kababs grilled with authentic spices. Our journey starts with this.
Potato Tikka Wrap - Vegetarian (mild)
Potato tikki made up of Mixed veg, and mild spices, perfect for vegetarian people.
Paneer Tikka Wrap - Vegetarian (Mild)
Paneer is non-fermented coagulated milk based products , some people called as Cheese or confused wit Tofu. Paneer is pure milk based prepared from curdling the milk with lemon juice or vinegar.
Alaska Fish tikka wrap - Mild
Prepared from Alaska sea fish.
Pepper Chicken Wrap - Med Spicy
Oven baked chicken prepared with Different sorts of Pepper for wrap.

Meal Boxes - DINNER (Pure Veg)

Yellow Daal Tadka Box (2 Paratha) - Med Spicy
Yellow split lentils tempered with garlic, chillies, ginger, tomatoes and spices. It comes with 2 Paratha (Indian flat bread with layers)
Punjabi Chole + 2 Paratha
Typical delhi street style punjabi chole served with 2 parathe, try it differently.
Paneer Butter Masala + 2 Paratha+Small Rice - Mild
Delhi based curry prepared with Paneer, butter and typical aromatic spices to give a smooth rich taste.
Rajma Curry + Rice (Chawal) Delhi Steet Style- Med...
Typical Local of Delhi Chandani chowk Rajma chawal, Trpical Indian, Beware of fake ones.
Sarsoon Ka Saag + 2 Paratha - Med Spicy
Pure punjabi village dish prepared from mustard leaves and spinach, tempered with garlic and ginger. Goes best with Paratha. Only punjabi can make this dish authentic.
Palak Paneer + 2 Paratha - Med spicy
Spinach cooked with ginger, garam masala, garlic and Paneer. Goes best with Parathe
Daal Makhani + 2 Paratha - Med spicy
Most famous lentil curry of North delhi and Punjab, prepared with black lentils cooked with typical spices blend with richness of butter, goes best with Parathas.
Paratha Mix Box (1 Paneer, 1 Aloo, 1 Gobi) + Curd ...
Try the Most famous Indian Flat breads assortments all the way from Delhi and Punjab. Best for evening parties and Quick dinner and munching with friends.


Tropical sunshine
Mango, watermelon, banana, orange, honey, and crushed ice.
Blueberry muffin
Blueberry, banana, lemon, coconut milk, oats honey, ice, and combinated water.
Lemon mint mojito
Fresh lemon juice, mint, and combinated water.
Red beauty
Raspberry, strawberry, coconut milk, yogurt, honey, and ice.
Detox lean green
Apple, celery, kiwi, spinach, ginger lemon, and ice.
Peach mojito
Peach, lemon juice, sugar, combinated water, mint, and ice.
Mango lassi
Mango pulp and yogurt.
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