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  • Twisted Biscuits and More

  • Flake and Bake

Twisted Biscuits and More

One biscuit with choice of butter, honey, jam, and schmear.
Crack Up
One biscuit, scrambled eggs, and cheese.
Act of God
One biscuit, scrambled eggs, meat, cheese, and wicked tomato jam.
Round Robin
One biscuit, crispy fried chicken, bacon strips, and maple butter.
Road Debris
One biscuit, scrambled eggs, fried potato, shredded beef, gravy, cheese, and pickled jalapenos.
Breakfast Burrito
Egg, cheese, fried potato, sour cream, salsa picante, jalapenos, and meat.
Home Fries

Flake and Bake

Side Pockets
Savory meat filled pastry.
Sticky Shoemaker
Delicious fried dough topped with butter, cinnamon sugar, and powdered sugar.
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