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Featured Dishes
Home Made Dumplings & Wonton 手工水饺及馄饨
Homemade Big Bowl Noodles 手擀大碗面
House Special Buns and Pancake 本楼包子及饼类
Genuine Northern Chinese Family Style Dishes 特色北方菜
Hot Pots 火锅类
Appetizers 头抬
Rice & Porridge 米饭及粥类
Lo Mein and Noodles 面条类
Poultry 鸡肉类
Pork & Beef 猪及牛肉类
Seafood 海鲜类
Vegetables and Tofu 蔬菜及豆腐
Vegetarians Specials 素食类
Dieter Specials 减肥餐
Beverages 饮料
Desserts 甜品
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