Square Donuts (College Ave)

$ • Bakery • Desserts
Opens on Tuesday
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Non-Filled Donuts
Filled Donuts
Specialty Donuts
Deluxe Donuts

Dozen Donuts

Dozen Squares
(Glazed Yeast)
Non Filled Dozen
Assortment of Non filled Donuts Includes Cake and Yeast Donuts (Will fulfill special instructions whenever possible.)
Mix and Match Dozen
Assortment of Filled and Non Filled Yeast and Cake Donuts (Will fulfill special instructions whenever possible.)
Dozen Cake Donut Holes
Glazed Cake Donut Holes


Orange Juice
Bottled Water
Coffee Carton
Serves Twelve 10oz Cups (Includes cups, lids, cream, and sugar)
Diet Coke
It's the one and only Diet Coke. It's your everyday hero. Your deliciously fizzy go-to companion. It might have a brand new look, but it's the same Diet Coke you know and love. Oh yeah, and it's incredibly refreshing, always.
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