Amy's Ice Creams (6th)

$ • Desserts • Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt
25–35 min
  • Ice Cream Pints

  • Tiny Cakes

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • Brownie Sundaes

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Ice Cream Pints

Mexican Vanilla
Ice cream pints on the fly! Enjoy a pint of our famous Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream. Rich smooth flavor that’s a touch sweeter than traditional vanilla.
Just Vanilla
Ice cream pints on the fly! Send your tummy something yummy and enjoy a pint of our Just Vanilla. It will bring back memories of your childhood ice cream or create new ones. Just Vanilla is just right.
Belgian Chocolate
Ice cream pints on the fly! The one the only, Belgian Callebaut Chocolate. Enjoy decadent chocolate ice cream. This honest-to-goodness chocolate ice cream that will blow you away. Plus, it’s like a trip to Europe in a pint!
Dark Chocolate
Ice cream pints on the fly! We start with Belgian Chocolate and take it to 11! A secrete chocolate ingredient creates the ultimate chocolate lover's dream. You’ll need a large spoon or shovel because this melt-in-your-mouth treat will blow your tastebuds away
White Chocolate
Ice cream pints on the fly! Enjoy this pint of full-bodied Belgian Callebaut White Chocolate. This fine flavor balances the distinctive white chocolate flavor, caramel notes, and no added sugar!
Sweet Cream
Ice cream pints on the fly! It all starts with Sweet Cream. This pint of mouth-watering sweetness takes the pureness of our milk with a touch of sweetness. This lite ice cream goes great with hot desserts like apple pie or sapodillas. Keep your freezer stocked!
Coffee lovers unite! Smooth and irresistible coffee from Cafe El Marino hits the high notes of quality coffee with the buttery goodness of Sweet Cream Ice Cream. Bullet Coffee drinks finally have a dessert that’ll knock your socks off!
Coconut based. Dairy free, gluten free, and vegan friendly. Crush'ns packed separately.
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly
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Tiny Cakes

Vanilla Cookie Tiny Cake
Our famous Mexican Vanilla layered between light, moist vanilla cake, topped with fluffy white frosting, Golden Oreos, and Nilla Wafers. 3" serves 2-4.
Classic Oreo Tiny Cake
Classic Oreo ice cream layered between moist chocolate cake and our decadent hot fudge, topped with a fluffy vanilla frosting, more hot fudge, and Oreo cookies. 3" serves 2-4.
Chocolate Delight Tiny Cake
Rich Belgian Chocolate ice cream layered between moist chocolate cake and our decadent hot fudge, topped with fluffy chocolate frosting, more hot fudge, and brownie bites. 3" serves 2-4.
Celebration Cake with Candles

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Mexican Vanilla & Classic Chocolate Wafer
Mexican Vanilla ice cream with Classic Chocolate Wafer
Belgian Chocolate & Classic Chocolate Wafer
Belgian Chocolate ice cream with Classic Chocolate Wafer

Brownie Sundaes

Brownie Sundae
Famous Mexican Vanilla ice cream on top of one of our savory homemade brownies from our bakery, Baked by Amy's, with decadent hot fudge and whipped cream on top.


Dr. Moo T-Shirt
Light Blue T-Shirt. Take a lesson from the Doctor and let the kid in you shine!
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Local T-Shirt
Black T-Shirt. We are local, not lo-cal. Who ever craved low calorie dessert anyway!
Pink Bubble Logo T-Shirt
Blue T-Shirt. After making an appearance on America's Got Talent we had one theme racing through our heads, "We're living the dream, flipping the cream!" If you've ever caught ice cream flying over Six Street or watched a scoop toss ice cream, you'll love sporting around your favorite Amy's Tee!
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Mexican Vanilla Candle
Take the smell of our world famous Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream home with you! They are specially handcrafted for us by Austin homegrown company, Soy Delites. These candles are made from an 100% soy. The small candles burn for 30 hours and the large 8 oz candles burn for 55 hours.
Bouncy Cow
Our favorite colorful cows are now branded with the Amy's logo! Your little tike will have a blast bouncing around while working on their balance and coordination skills. Approximately 60 cm x 30-35cm when inflated. Pump included. Great gift for kiddos 3+. (Not a flotation device).
Birthday Candles (24 pack)
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