Coffee Nut Cafe

$ • Coffee and Tea
30–40 min
  • Combos

  • Hot Coffee

  • Cold Coffee

  • Pour Over Coffee

  • Smoothies

  • Chocolate Milk

  • Tea

  • Pastry

  • Cookies

  • Muffins

  • Coffee Cakes

  • Panini

  • Chips

  • Omelette

  • Gelato & Sorbet

  • Bottled Beverages


Combo 1: Smoothie, Panini, Chips
Smoothie, Panini & Chips
Combo 2: Latte, Panini, Chips
Latte, Panini, Chips
Combo 3: Drip (regular) coffee, Ham & Cheese Omele...
Drip (regular) coffee, Ham & Cheese Omelet & Bread Croissant
Combo 4: Cappuccino and Chocolate & Hazelnut Crois...
Cappuccino and Chocolate & Hazelnut Croissant
Combo 5: Freddo Capuccino, Panini & Gelato
Freddo Capuccino, Panini & Gelato
Combo 6: Iced Latte, Panini & Cookie
Iced Latte, Panini & Cookie
Combo 7: Smoothie, Grilled Cheese sandwich & Cooki...
Smoothie, Grilled Cheese sandwich & Cookie
Combo 8: Sparkling Ice (flavored water), Grilled C...
Sparkling Ice (flavored water), Grilled Cheese sandwich & Cookie

Hot Coffee

Coffee brewed on espresso machine to force a small amount of nearly boiling water and steam.
Double Espresso
Coffee brewed on espresso machine to force a small amount of nearly boiling water and steam.
Double espresso shot, your choice of hot mile, and steamed milk foam.
Cafe Americano
Hot water combined with double shot of espresso.
Double espresso shot with steamed milk (~1:3 ratio) with a little foam on top.
Cafe Au Lait
Double espresso shot mixed with scalded milk in a ~1:1 ratio.
Double espresso shot with a dashed of foamed milk.
Long Macchiato
Double espresso shot and a small amount of hot water with a dash of foamed milk.
Unsweetened cocoa powder steamed in a Latte with chocolate syrup added at the end.
Cafe Bombon
Double espresso shot served with sweetened condensed milk (~3 tablespoons).
Double espresso shot with warm milk (1:1-2) to reduce the acidity.
Double espresso shot make with steamed mixture of half milk and half & half.
Double espresso shot made with the normal amount of ground coffee but extracted with about half the amount of water.
Flat White
Double ristretto shot, your choice of hot milk and steamed milk foam.
Coffee Carafe -0.75Gl (8-10 cups)
Hot black drip coffee in a disposable carafe

Cold Coffee

Iced Coffee
Two espresso shots with cold water iced on shaker and poured over ice cubes.
Freddo Espresso
Double espresso iced in shaker poured over ice cubes.
Freddo Cappuccino
Double espresso iced in shaker poured over ice cubes with foamed milk added at the end.
Frozen Coffee
Two iced espresso shots, cold water, ice and milk if desired blended together in blender.
Iced Latte
Two espresso shots iced in shaker and cold milk poured over ice cubes.
Iced Mocha
Two espresso shots and unsweetened cocoa powder steamed in Cafe au Lait iced in shaker and poured over ice cubes. Chocolate syrup added at the end and whip cream if desired,
Frozen Mocha
Iced double espresso & foamed chocolate milk added to blender with ice cubes to reach a refreshing consistency. Chocolate syrup added at the end and whip cream if desired.

Pour Over Coffee

Pour-over style on glass container.
French Press
Brewed by placing ground coffee in an empty beaker, adding hot water, stirring and finally plunged for the coffee extraction.
Drip Coffee
Already prepared brewed coffee.


Monin mix bended with ice cubes for a final 10-12oz beverage.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk
Hot: Steamed milk with chocolate powder and dark chocolate syrup added at the end. COLD: MILK at fridge temperature (no ice) mixed with chocolate powder and chocolate syrup added at the end.


HOT: Prepared with gourmet tea bags. ICED COLD: Prepared hot with gourmet tea bags; after ~4 minutes ice cubes are added.


Chocolate and Hazelnut Croissant
Chocolate and hazelnut filled.
Sold out
Butter Croissant
Flaky croissant pastry.
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Baked flaky butter croissant with smoked ham & cheese
Sold out
Lattice -Tomato & Olive
Traditional Italian flavor wrapped in flaky lattice pastry.
Sold out
Lattice -Spinach & Feta
Spinach and creamy feta cheese baked into delightful savory pastry.
Sold out
Beacon Egg Bites
Sold out
Classic French Quiche. Can be enjoy f​or breakfast or for lunch.
Sold out




Non-GMO; No fructose; Natural ingredients.
Sold out
Protein Muffins
16 grams of protein.
Sold out

Coffee Cakes

Coffee Cake


Grilled and pressed ciabatta sandwich.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled and pressed white Artesano bread with American or Provolone cheese.




Plain Omelete

Gelato & Sorbet

Gelato & Sorbet
Small: 2 scoops; Medium: 3 scoops; Large: 4 scoops (scoop = ~1 oz)

Bottled Beverages

Spring water
20oz -natural
Sparkling Water
Brand: Sparkling Ice. Flavored water.
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