Elegance Chinese Restaurant

$ • Chinese • Asian

4.6 (189)
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26/30 Totara Ave, New Lynn, Auckland, Auckland 0600 • More info

Opens at 10:30 AM
Appetizer 前菜
Soup 汤羹
Hong Kong Style BBQ and Marinate 烧腊
Fish 鱼肉
Prawns with Shell 带壳虾
Prawn Cutlets 凤尾虾
Soft Shell Crab 软壳蟹
Squid 鱿鱼
Chicken 鸡肉
Beef 牛肉
Lamb 羊肉
Pork 猪肉
Casserole 煲仔菜
Tofu 豆腐
Congee 粥
Egg 蛋类
Seasonal Vegetable 时菜
Vegetarian 素
Rice and Noodle 炒饭炒面炒粉汤米
Dimsum 点心
Drinks 饮料
Plain Rice 白饭
Sauce 酱汁