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Signature Sandwiches

Deep fried turkey breast, beef pastrami, sharp cheddar, roma tomatoes, sprouts, black garlic aioli, chipotle aioli, sweet roll.
The Mozzifiato
Salami, crispy mortadella, ham, provolone, onions, marinated tomatoes, arugula, peppadew peppers, garlic pepper aioli, aged balsamic, sweet roll.
Deep fried turkey breast, sharp cheddar, roma tomatoes, sprouts, mayo, sliced sourdough.
Marinated tomatoes, mashed avocado, cucumber, sprouts, swiss, roasted bell pepper hummus, black garlic aioli, sliced wheat.
Humpty Dumpty
House-made egg salad, red onion, dill, roma tomatoes, mixed greens, sliced wheat.
Beef pastrami, swiss, sauerkraut, bacon Russian dressing, swirl rye served with pickle.
The Bologna
Crispy mortadella, sharp cheddar, roma tomatoes, mixed greens, IPA mustard, mayo, salt & vinegar chips, sweet roll.
Angry Tuna
Skipjack tuna, peppered bacon, sharp cheddar, mashed avocado, roma tomatoes, shallots, paprika, soy, sriracha, dijon, tartar sauce, sliced wheat.
Grilled Cheese
Gooey muenster and sharp cheddar, sliced sourdough.
Peppered bacon, mixed greens, roma tomatoes, mayo, IPA mustard, sliced sourdough.
The Cuban
Roasted Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Sliced Pickle, Dijon Vinaigrette, Olive Oil Toasted Sweet Roll
Ham, swiss cheese, roma tomatoes, mixed greens, mayo, dijon vinaigrette, sliced sour dough

Salads and Sides

Chefs Salad
Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, sprouts and pickled onion. Choice of balsamic vinaigrette or Asian miso dressing.
House-Made Potato Salad
House-Made Egg Salad
Angry Tuna Salad
2 Baked Pretzel Knots
From Esther's German Bakery
Kettle Chips
Chocolate Chip Cookies
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