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Mexican • Latin American • Japanese • Caribbean • Asian Fusion
Opens at 12:00 PM
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Our “orale” inspired version comes with tuna, salmon, pico e gallo, lamb lettuce, sushi rice, sesame seeds, aonori, chive and kimuchee sauce.
his chicken teriyaki Mexican style noritaco got sour cream, mixed veggies, avocado dressing, sesame seeds, chives and kimuchee sauce.
Missing the tropical weather? You should try this one then, with mango, tuna, salmon, masago (capelin roe) avocado, sushi rice, sesame seeds, aonori, chive and coriander.
If you are looking for a vegetarian option, you will love it! Lamb lettuce, carrot, onion, green apple, edamame, cabbage, avocado, sushi rice, sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander and sesame dressing.
Looking for a “POP” party in your mouth? Try our kanikama mixed with masago (capelin roe) and mayo, salmon, sushi rice, sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander and bubu arare (Japanese popped rice).
Senor Crab
Our fried soft shell crab comes with lamb lettuce, sushi rice, sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander, shichimi togarashi and spicy mayo.


Vegetables steam dumplings with our yuzu (citric) dressing, sesame seeds and chive (4 pcs.)
Yuca Fries
Salty casaba fries with shichimi togarashi and spicy mayo (on a side).
Ball-shaped octopus snack with takoyaki sauce, spicy mayo, sprinkled with aonori, sesame seeds, chives and katsuobushi (bonito flakes), (4 pcs.)
Chicken Karaage
Japanese style crispy fried chicken with unagi sauce, sesame seeds and chive
Miso soup
Soy paste soup made of fish stock with tofu and wakame.

Soft Drinks

Melon Soda
Carbonated Sweet Japanese soda
Sold out
Carbonated Japanese soda original
Still water
Green tea
Cold can of green tea
Sold out
Carbonated Latin kola champagne soda

Cool dishes

Omu rice
Our special veggie yakimeshi or Japanese fried rice with a sugoi and juice omelette on top
Mini okonomiyaki
Japanese savory veggie pancake/tortilla with katsuobushi (bonito flakes).
Fried tempura salmon fingers, filled with avocado and cream cheese, covered with our spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce combination, sesame seeds and chive (4 pcs.)
Crunchy spicy tuna maki
sushi roll - 8 pcs.
Salmon tempura maki
Salmon tempura sushi maki with eel sauce ( sushi roll - 10 pcs.)

Meal deals

Cool vegan box
Noritaco Veggie, Gyozas (3 pcs) & Yuca fries
Cool vegan box II
Sushi Maki Veggie ( 8 pcs), Gyozas (3pcs), Edamames
Cool veggie box
Yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice), Gyozas (3 pcs), Miso soup
Cool sides box
Takoyaki (4 pcs), Gyoza (4 pcs), Chicken Karaage (6 Pcs)
Cool noritaco box
Noritaco Chapulin, Yuca fries, Miso soup
Cool maki box
Salmon tempura sushi maki (10 pcs), Gyozas ( 3 pcs), Miso soup
Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs. For more information on food safety and hygiene, please visit the Food Standards Agency
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