Music & Beans

Middle Eastern
15–25 min
  • Breakfast


Big Hug Granola
with vanilla infused coconut yoghurt or greek yoghurt, fruit puree, seasonal fruit compote, toasted pistachios, fresh seasonal fruit, chia seeds & date syrup
Music Breakfast
Sausage (Dingley Dell or Merguez), streaky bacon, our homemade beans, eggs, infused mushrooms, avocado, salad served with dusty knuckle sourdough
Beans Breakfast (veg or vegan)
roti (feta or potato), eggs & halloumi or aubergine & hummus, smashed avocado, infused mushroom, our homemade beans served with dusty knuckle sourdough
Rolled omelette
with spinach, mushroom, peppers, feta & gruyere served with salad and dusty knuckle sourdough
Crushed Avocado on sourdough
with feta and poached eggs
Breakfast Pitta
aubergine sabiche - roasted aubergine, egg salad, tahini dressing
Crispy Roti
filled toasted filo pastry with
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