Liberty Cheesesteak Company

$ • Sandwiches
Opens at 11:30 AM
  • Mains

  • Beverages


Full Philly Cheesesteak
Half Philly Cheesesteak
The Italian Hoagie
Sold out
Philly Shaker Salad
Mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onions, vinaigrette, your choice of meat, liberty olive dressing, home made croutons, salt, pepper.
Sold out
Philly Phry Steak
Philly Cheesesteak on bed of skinny fries instead of Italian Roll.
Skinny Fries
Wiz Fries
Skinny fries covered in our own recipe Wiz Cheese.


Diet Coke
Dr Pepper
Soda Folk Root Beer
Soda Folk Cream Soda
Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs. For more information on food safety and hygiene, please visit the Food Standards Agency
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