Chai Naasto (Beckenham)

Asian • Indian
35–45 min
  • Naasto Nibbles

  • Kebab Gully

  • Garam Walla (All Dishes are HOT)

  • Chaat Street

  • The British Raj

  • Rickshaw Road

  • BBQ Dhaba

  • Biryani

  • Nanima's House (RICE OR NAAN INCLUDED)

  • Extras

  • Homemade Lassi's

Naasto Nibbles

Rainbow far-far Kachumber Salsa (VEG)(GF)(VEGAN)
Mini Poppadoms with Kachumber Salsa (VEG)(GF)(VEGA...

Kebab Gully

Khan Cha Cha Seekh Kebab
Moorish mini lamb mince kebabs accompanied by a mini naan and pickled onions
Rajasthani Murgh Tikka
Moorish mini smoked chicken tikka kebabs accompanied by a mini naan and pickled onions.
Paneer Archari Tikka (VEG)
Moorish mini Paneer tikka kebabs accompanied by a mini naan and pickled onions

Garam Walla (All Dishes are HOT)

Chilli Momo (4pcs) (VEG)
South Asian vegetable dumpling tossed in our homemade chilli sauce with fresh spring onions.
Sold out
Paneer Mirch (VEG)
Diced paneer tossed in our garlic chilli sauce with fresh spring onions & peppers.
Chilli Hakka Wings (5pcs)
Chicken wings tossed in our homemade chilli sauce with peppers, onions and green chillies.
Bombay Chilli Cheese Bites (VEG)
Chilli cheese nuggets crumbed & fried until crispy & drizzled with our homemade chilli sauce.

Chaat Street

Chandni Chowk Kale & Sweetcorn Chaat (VEG)
Battered kale, roasted sweet potato, pomegranate dressed with yoghurt, and tamarind chutney.
Vegetarian and Gluten Free
Pani Puri Shots Cart (VEG) (VEGAN)
A savoury wheat sphere, stuffed with spicy potato filling served with sweet & sour tamarind water to pour inside. Fun and addictive!
Hariyali Aloo Chaat (VEG) (VEGAN) (GLUTEN FREE)
A savory chatpati chaat of boiled potatoes coated with hot-tangy coriander blend topped off with a drizzle of chutneys.
Chowk Ki Tikki (VEG)
Green pea potato cakes with spiced chickpeas, drizzled with a melody of chutneys, and sweet yogurt.
Bombay Bhel Cones (VEG) (VEGAN)
A Mumbai street food classic. Puffed rice, diced potatoes, diced onions, masala, and sev drizzled with an assortment of chutneys.

The British Raj

Keralan Fried Chicken Bucket (4pcs)
Classic fried chicken strips tossed in our Gunpowder seasoning served with spicy mayonnaise.
Chicken Tikka Masala Poutine (GLUTEN FREE)
French fries topped with smoked chicken tikka, cheese, tikka gravy and a drizzle of cream.
Kekda Koliwada (GLUTEN FREE)
Soft-shell crab marinated with spices, battered & fried until crisp & served with our smoked tomato chutney.

Rickshaw Road

Desi Thepla Tacos (2pcs) (VEG)
Gujarati Fenugreek flatbreads filled with sweetcorn and kidney beans tossed in masala, served with tamarind and sweet yogurt. Crowned with pickled onions & pomegranates.
Gujarati Filo Pastry Samosas (3pcs)
Crispy triangle of deliciousness - choose from vegetable or lamb mince served with homemade chutneys and pickled onions.
Saag Keema Pau
Lamb mince cooked with spinach, onions, garlic, tomatoes and served with a fluffy bun, spread generously and devour.
Holy Pau Bhaji (VEG)
A Juhu beach favourite in Mumbai. A medley of vegetables crushed and served with a fluffy bun, spread generously and devour.

BBQ Dhaba

Kareem’s Lamb Burra Cutlets (3pcs) (GLUTEN FREE)
Lamb Cutlets marinated twice over 24 hours in mustard oil, malt vinegar, red chilli, crushed spices and served with pickled onions and chef’s signature sauce.
Tandoori Jhinga Chatpata (2pcs) (GLUTEN FREE)
King prawns marinated in red chilli, black pepper, ginger, yogurt & fresh lemon juice & glazed until golden in the tandoor.
Sold out
Achari Tandoori Mushroom (4pcs) (VEG) (GLUTEN FREE...
Cup mushrooms stuffed with mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, cheddar, herbs & pickling spices.
Sold out
Bhatti Ka Murgh (GLUTEN FREE)
Tandoori chicken is a highly popular Indian dish from Punjab consisting of roasted chicken, yogurt, and spices. Quarter chicken leg served on a bed of fried onions.
Sold out


Pilau Biryani
Fragrant rice with saffron notes


Nanima’s Chicken nu Shaak (GLUTEN FREE)
A family favourite, given to us by Nani. Boneless chicken curry cooked with our in-house blended spices & fresh herbs.
Old Delhi Butter Chicken (GLUTEN FREE)
"Irresistible butter chicken. Tandoor cooked chicken enveloped in a creamy sauce laced with ghee and cream. A wedding day favourite, a dish to celebrate.
Chaap Nu Shaak (GLUTEN FREE)
A family recipe passed on from Nani, Lamb cutlet curry slow cooked with our in-house blended spices & fresh herbs.
King Prawn Kadai Masala (GLUTEN FREE)
Rajasthani Laal Maas (GLUTEN FREE)
Carefully selected pieces of lamb cooked in Rajasthani spices, & braised.
Daal Panchmel Tadkewali (VEG) (GLUTEN FREE) (VEGAN...
Five Protein Rich Lentils Chana, Urad, Mung, Toor, Masoor and slow cooked to release aromatic and tempered with warm spices.
Rajasthani Kadhi (VEG) (GLUTEN FREE)
Home Style Aromatic Curry made with gram flour, yogurt turmeric, coriander and red chilies accompanied with crispy and fresh pakoras.
Daal Makhni (VEG) (GLUTEN FREE)
Whole urad daal simmered overnight and tempered with crushed tomatoes and ginger, finished with cream and a dollop of butter.
Shakarkandi Saag Aloo (VEG) (GLUTEN FREE) (VEGAN)
The Punjab farmers winter meal of spinach and potatoes cooked in mustard leaves, onions and tomato masala.
Marwari Mutter Paneer Ki Subzi (VEG) (GLUTEN FREE)
Green peas & diced paneer cooked in a spicy onion & tomato masala.


Plain Yogurt
Butter Naan
Garlic Naan
Masala Cheese Naan
Plain Naan
Lachha Paratha
Tandoori Roti
Pilau Rice 
Steamed Rice

Homemade Lassi's

Mango Lassi
Rose and Cardamom Lassi
Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs. For more information on food safety and hygiene, please visit the Food Standards Agency
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