Al Fresco

$$ • Italian
45–55 min
  • Antipasti Misti

  • Zuppa

  • Insalata

  • Pasta e Risotto

  • Pesce

  • Carne

  • Pizza

  • Sides

Antipasti Misti

Garlic And Tomato Pizza Bread
Focaccia Bread With Rosemary and Olive Oil
Pizzette topped with tomato basil, rocket, and olive oil.
Mozzarella in Carrozza
Breaded deep fried mozzarella served with spinach and mango chutney.
Slices of buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and avocado.
Pan fried mushrooms with garlic.
Parmigiana Di Melanzane
Aubergines oven baked with mozzarella and tomato sauce.
Salmone Affumicato
Smoked salmon served on rocket with cream cheese and dill sauce.
Dry cured beef served with shaves of parmesan cheese and rocket salad.
Portobello mushroom baked with goats cheese, chilli, and garlic served with rocket.
Prosciutto Di Parma
Slice of Parma ham served with creamy burrata mozzarella, rocket, and basil dressing.
Calamari Fritti
Deep fried squid rings.
Deep Fried Whitebait
Prawn Cocktail on A Bed of Lettuce
Avocado with Prawns
Sardines Pan Fried with Sea Salt
King prawns pan fried with garlic, chillies, and ginger.
Antipasto Rustico
For two Persons to share.Mixed hams and salami, grilled vegetables, portobello mushroom, and parmesan cheese served with focaccia pizza bread.


Minestrone Casalingo
Vegetable soup.
Zuppa di Zucca
Cream of pumpkin soup.


Insalata Di Pollo
Sliced chicken breast, lettuce, carrot, sweetcorn, and sundried tomatoes.
Insalata Nizzarda
Tuna, egg, anchovies, olives, mozzarella, and lettuce.
Chefs Salad
Parma ham, artichokes, rocket, lettuce, olives, and parmesan shavings.
Insalata Danatra Con Melograno
Duck salad served on watercress and mango, dressed with lime juice, sesame oil, and pomegranate.
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Pasta e Risotto

Penne All Arrabbiata
Spicy tomato sauce.
Rigatoni Alle Melanzane
Pasta tubes with aubergines, olives, and tomato sauce.
Rigatoni All Amatricana
Pasta tubes with pancetta, onions, and tomato sauce.
Spaghetti Bolognese
Meat ragu.
Carbonara Al Fresco
Spaghetti with pancetta, egg, parmesan and a dash of cream.
Tortellini Al Fume
Meat filled tortellini with pancetta, tomato, and a dash of cream.
Lasagna Al Forno
Pasta bake with bolognese, and bechamel.
Spinach and ricotta cheese filled pasta oven baked in bechamel sauce.
Penne Portofino
Penne pasta with oven roasted vegetables and pesto sauce.
Risotto Vegetariano
Risotto of peas, French beans, spinach, and parmesan cheese.
Risotto Del Mare
Mixed seafood risotto.
Tagliatelle Asparagi
Tagliatelle with asparagus and smoked salmon in a tomato and cream sauce.
Spaghetti Allo Scoglio
Spaghetti with mixed seafood and tomato sauce.
Spaghetti Alla Vongole
Spaghetti with clams, garlic, cherry tomato, chili, parsley, and white wine.
Spaghetti Al Gambero E Zucchine
Spaghetti with langoustines, king prawns, prawns, courgettes and garlic in a tomato, and wine sauce.


Salmone Alla Griglia
Grilled salmon with rocket and balsamic vinegar. Served with a small side salad.
Roasted cod with sun dried tomato crust on wilted spinach served with pesto. Served with a small side salad.
Baccala Alla Pizzaiola
Pan fried cod fillets with capers, oregano, white wine, and tomato sauce. Served with a small side salad.
Tonno e Sesamo
Tuna in a dressing of soy sauce, lime, sesame oil, and sesame seeds served red chilli, and coriander. Served with a small side salad.
Branzino Aromatico
Oven baked sea bass with rosemary, garlic, and lemon. Served with a small side salad.
Fritto Misto
Deep fried king prawns, calamari, salmon, and courgette fritters. Served with a small side salad.


Pollo Alla Griglia Con Spinaci
Grilled breast of chicken served with sauteed spinach. Served with a small side salad.
Pollo Al Fresco
Breast of chicken filled with mozzarella and spinach in a tomato sauce. Served with a small side salad.
Pollo Ai Porcini
Breast of chicken with porcini mushrooms and cream. Served with a small side salad.
Pollo Agli Asparagi
Breast of chicken with blue cheese, cream, and asparagus sauce. Served with a small side salad.
Pollo e Pane
Breaded chicken escalope served with spaghetti napoli or bolognese. Served with a small side salad.
Fegato E Salvia
Pan fried calves liver with butter and sage. Served with a small side salad.
Fegato Balsamico
Pan fried calves liver with balsamic vinegar, and onions. Served with a small side salad.
Saltimbocca Alla Romana
Veal escalope topped with parma ham and sage in butter sauce. Served with a small side salad.
Stinco Del Pastore
Shank of lamb slow roasted in tomato sauce with mixed root vegetables, and herbs. Served with a small side salad.


Margherita Pizza
Tomato and mozzarella.
Patatina with Wurstel Pizza
French fries and wurstel sausage, mozzarella, and tomato.
Anchovies, olives, capers, mozzarella, tomato, and oregano.
Pepperoni sausage, peppers, mozzarella, tomato, and chilli oil.
Pizza Piccante
Spicy Calabrian salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, and chilli oil.
Quattro Stagioni Pizza
Ham, mushrooms, pepperoni sausage, artichoke, olives, mozzarella, and tomato.
Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Blue cheese, mozzarella, goats cheese, soft cheese, and tomato.
Tropicale Pizza
Ham, pineapple, sweetcorn, mozzarella, and tomato.
Fiorentina Pizza
Spinach, free range egg, parmesan shavings, mozzarella, and tomato.
Contadina Pizza
Mixed vegetarian toppings, mozzarella, and tomato.
Bella Italia Pizza
Buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, cherry tomato, and rocket.
Calzone Portofino Pizza
Folded pizza stuffed with mixed grilled vegetables and pesto sauce.
Calzone Pizza
Folded pizza with mushrooms, artichoke, ham, and pepperoni sausage.
Pizza Gusto
Parma ham, mushrooms, blue cheese, mozzarella, tomato, and rocket.
Montanara Pizza
Parma ham, pepperoni, mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, and tomato.
Riccione Pizza
Smoked Parma ham speck, mushroom, bacon, mozzarella, tomato, and parmesan cheese.
Emiliana Pizza
White pizza without tomato, with mortadella, ricotta cheese, and rocket.
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Daniele Pizza
Tomato, vegan mozzarella alternative, artichoke, mushrooms, mixed peppers, and olives.


French Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Potatoes
Mixed Salad
Tomato and Onion Salad
Polenta Chips
Sweet Potatoes Chips
Zucchine Fritte
Courgette Fritters.
Rocket and Spinach Salad
With parmesan.
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