Biju's Little Curry Shop (RiNo)

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Curry Shop Favorites

Coconut Curry Chicken Bowl
Vegetable and date Biriyani, seasoned lentils, coconut curry chicken with sauteed cabbage, herb yogurt and a splash of our cilantro/mint chutney with crushed pappadam.
Vegetarian Bowl
Curried Biriyani Rice with dates, raisins, onions, sweet peas, carrots and chickpeas. Served with seasoned lentils, Sauteed potatoes, Sauteed cabbage, & seasonal vegetables.
Kerala Fried Chicken Bowl
Choose a Rice, Choose a Vegetable, Choose a Curry, we will do the rest!
Masala Beef
Garlic, ginger and spice braised beef served on steamed basmati rice with seasoned lentils, potatoes, yogurt, ground coconut samandhi and crushed pappadam.
Kerala Fried Chicken Basket
Kerala Fried Chicken, choice of dipping curry, Chili-Lime Tater Tots.
Extra Hot Vindaloo Chicken Bowl
Steamed basmati rice, seasoned lentils, chicken with lemon, ground ginger and extra hot spices. Finished with our herb yogurt and pepper slaw. Add Chutneys to make it hotter!


Iced Chai with Soy
Made In House
Mango Lassi
Yogurt with fresh mango puree
Mexican Coke (Bottle)


Vegetable Samosas
Seasoned vegetables wrapped in a pastry and fried
Our Signature Flatbread
Chili-Lime Tater Tots
Tater Tots tossed in our house Chili-Lime Salt w/ Vindaloo Ketchup
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