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Egg Biryani
630 grams. One portion boiled eggs with premium zafran infused rice. (Calories =1049.32, proteins=29.94g, fat=27.4g, and carbohydrates=117.43g).
AED 29.00
Boneless Chicken Biryani
630 grams. One portion boneless chicken pieces layered in premium zafran infused rice. (Calorie=1135.92, proteins=63.34g, fat=21.2g, and carbohydrates=176.33g).
AED 39.00


Veg Curry
438 grams. Mixed seasonal vegetables cooked with olive oil and special spices, garlic, and ginger. (Calories=326.65, proteins=10.24g, fat=14.6g, and carbohydrates=46.69g).
AED 26.00
Chicken Curry
348 grams. Boneless chicken pieces cooked with onions, tomatoes, and special spices. (Calories=408.25, proteins=48.32g, fat=18.1g, and carbohydrates=13.04g).
AED 36.00

Curry Sides

Brown Rice
350 grams. One portion of brown rice with premium zafran infused rice. (Calories=392, proteins=8.12g, fat=2.9g, and carbohydrates=82.28g).
AED 19.00
Hakka Noodles
380 grams. One portion of Hakka noodles with mix vegetables. (Calories=155, proteins=7.9g, fat=5.1g, and carbohydrates=20.2g).
AED 19.00


370 grams. Mix salads of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, and cabbage. (Calories=95.4, proteins=3.47g, fat=0.694g, and carbohydrates=21.83g).
AED 27.00


Veg Sandwich
97 grams. Brown bread sandwich with two slices mixed with vegetables. (Calories=146.1, proteins=5.39g, fat=2.04g, and carbohydrates=27.42g).
AED 12.00
Veg Roll
230 grams. Desi roti or chappatti roll with mixed vegetable. (Calories=309, proteins=11.97g, fat=1.26g, and carbohydrates=64.29g).
AED 21.00
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