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Save big at restaurants. Get a $0 delivery fee plus +5% off orders over $15, even when it’s busy.
Exclusive perks for members. Look for the ticket to save at most restaurants near you.
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How much will I save?

You can save with an unlimited number of $0 Delivery Fees at select restaurants.

Can I combine Eats Pass with other promotions?

Yes, you can! Other promotions combine with Eats Pass so you can save even more.

What restaurants are included?

Eats Pass benefits work at most restaurants in your area. Look for the ticket when selecting a restaurant to know exactly where you can save.

Can I use Eats Pass in different locations?

Eats Pass works throughout the country wherever Uber Eats is available. Just look for the ticket when selecting a restaurant.

Taxes and fees do not apply to order minimums. Other fees apply.
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