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  • Specials

    • Aguadito De Pollo

      Fight the cold with our rice and chicken soup spiced with cilantro, spinach and ginger.
    • Causa Rellena

      Mashed potato, ground yellow ají pepper and lemon juice bring this dish to life, a smooth tasty dough stuffed with chicken.
    • Carapulcra

      Chicken and pork stew in a peanut sauce, seasoned with aji panca and served over rice.
    • Lecuma Ice Cream

      Ice Cream made with the sweet taste of the Peruvian Lecuma Fruit! An original taste that you won’t forget!
  • Appetizers

    • Ceviche

      Fresh raw fish cured in the citrus acids of fresh limes and garnished with onions, lettuce, peppers, and Peruvian spices. Served with Peruvian corn and sweet potatoes.
      Gluten Free
    • Empanada

      Two turn overs filled with beef, olives, eggs, and Peruvian spices. A Peruvian twist to the famous South American finger food.
    • Patacones Picantes

      Fried plantains covered in pico de gallo salsa and topped with a hot aji verde sauce. The perfect start to a meal!
  • Entrees

    • Pollo La Brasa

      Marinated chicken cooked in an authentic peruvian charcoal rotisserie oven.
      Sold out
    • Seco A La Nortena

      Thick beef cuts made with aji panca and served with canario beans and white rice and topped with salsa criolla.
    • Aji De Gallina

      Shredded chicken over potatoes in a yellow cream sauce made from amarillo peppers and walnuts and topped with a hard boiled egg. Served with white rice.
    • Lomo Saltado

      Marinated steak strips stir fried with onions and tomatoes in soy sauce and aji Amarillo. Served with white rice and French fries.
    • Carne A La Plancha

      Grilled steak topped with a fried egg. Served with white rice and maduro fritos fried banana plantians, french fries, and chimchurri sauce.
      Gluten Free
    • Salchipapas

      Thinly sliced pan fried beef hot dogs and french fries mixed together. A traditional Peruvian comfort food. The dish is served with chiptole sauce.
    • Sandwich De Chicharron

      Thick slices of tender and juicy pork shoulder meat smothered in the salsa criolla and topped with slices of sweet potato. All contained in a crispy French roll with chiptole sauce.
    • Pan Con Pollo

      One of the most exotic tasting chicken sandwiches you’ll ever try. Grilled chicken smothered in the unique blended tastes of the Salsa Criolla, garlic mayonnaise and aji verde. Squeezed together with fries into a locally baked bun. Served with Fries.
    • Culantro Bowl

      Want it fast and good? Try the Culantro Bowl for a quick lunch treat. Filled with Rice, chunks of chicken, tasty black beans, Peruvian white corn, tomatoes and peppers. Spiced up with a dash of cilantro and lime juice then covered with a zesty Aji Verde or Garlic sauce.
  • Rice Dishes

    • Arroz Con Mariscos

      Peruvian Paella! A classic South American rice and seafood dish with the flavors of Peru. Fried rice mixed with vegetables, shrimp and fish for a satisfying meal.
    • Arroz Con Pollo

      Rice fried with Aji Amarillo sauce and cilantro. Mixed with Green Peas and Red Peppers, topped with Chicken.
    • Arroz Chaufa

      Peruvian Fried Rice with one or more meats, fried eggs and vegetables. Choose Steak, chicken or Both for a full meal.
    • Tacu Lomo

      Rice cooked with Canario Beans, garlic, and aji amarillo. Served with Lomo stir fried Steak strips, tomatoes, yellow peppers and green onions.
  • Vegan

    • Tallarin Verde - Vegan

      Traditional Peruvian pasta dish for the new world. Sautéed veggies, thinly cut eggplant and mushrooms mixed with a Peruvian Pesto and Spaghetti. Add in sun dried tomatoes, with a bit of heat from Peruvian spices to create a bold flavor.
    • Vegan Lomo Saltado

      A Peruvian classic with a vegan twist. Marinated Shiitake Mushrooms browned and mix together with sautéed onions, tomatoes and a little heat from Aji Amarillo peppers that are all served on a bed of steak cut fries served with white rice.
  • Sides

    • Yucas Fritas

      Fries made from thick yuca. Comes with aji rocoto to dip them it.
    • Maduros Frito

      Sweet and sticky fried banana plantains.
    • White Rice

      Arroz blanco white rice made with garlic.
    • Canario Beans

      Creamy white beans.
    • Frejoles Negros

      Black beans.
    • Sauce

    • Papas Fritas

      Traditional French fries.
    • Carmotes Fritos

      Fried sweet potato slices.
  • Drinks

    • Coca-Cola®

      Coca-Cola Soda
    • Inca Kola

      Traditional cola originating from Peru.
    • Jugo De Maracuya

      Juice made from passion fruit.
    • Chicha Morada

      Made from Peruvian purple corn. Blended pineapple and apple spiced with cinnamon and cloves this sangria like mocktail.
  • Desserts

    • Tres Leches

      Sponge cake soaked in three types of milk.
    • Flan

      Creamy custard dessert.
    • Alfajores

      Soft and delicate powdered sugar cookies filled with dulce de leche.
    • Mouse De Maracuya

      Passion fruit gelatin.
    • Chocolate Cake

      For the chocolate lovers out there, here’s your fix. A chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate mousse in the middle.
    • Dulce de Leche Cake

      White cake layered with cheesecake and topped with the caramel like tastes of Dulce de Leche.
    • Guyaba Cheesecake

      Cheesecake covered in a sweet and tasty Guayaba sauce.
      Sold out