Rosetta Hall
Opens Wednesday 12:00 PM

Rosetta Hall

Mexican • New American • African
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Location and hours

1109 Walnut Street, Boulder, NAMER 80302
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Monday - Tuesday
Wednesday - Saturday
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

1109 Walnut Street, Boulder, NAMER 80302 • More info

  • Rosetta Hall

    • Colorado Salad

      Esoterra mixed greens, Rocky Mountain Fresh tomatoes, radish, pickled shallot, Petrocco Farms sweet corn, shaved manchego, peppercorn vinaigrette. Vegetarian
    • Flatiron Cheese Steak

      Shaved Buckner farms beef, caramelized onions & roasted peppers, house made organic cheese whiz, house made baguette from Petite Fleur
    • Cubano Sandwich

      Slow cooked Buckner Farms pork, ham, manchego cheese, dijon mustard, Kewpie mayonnaise, pickles, house made baguette
    • Barcelonetta Burger - Plant Based

      Featuring a Beyond Burger, Manchego, nightshade aioli, grilled peppers, Bibb lettuce, served on a potato bun. Vegan if you request it without Manchego and a lettuce wrap!
    • Chips & Queso

      House made tortilla chips with creamy Oaxaca Cheese and pickled jalapeños
    • Verde Chips & Queso - Vegan

      House made vegan queso with fresh fried corn tortilla chips.
    • Chicken Asado Quesadillas

      Handmade heirloom corn tortillas, grilled organic Redbird chicken, queso Oaxaca, salsa verde, salsa roja
    • Chicken Asado Burrito

      grilled Redbird chicken, heirloom pinto beans, rice, salsa macha, queso Oaxaca, salsa roja
    • Slow Roasted Pork Quesadillas

      Handmade heirloom corn tortillas, Buckner Farms pork carnitas, queso Oaxaca, salsa roja, salsa verde
    • Slow Roasted Pork Burrito

      flour tortilla, Buckner Farms pork carnitas, heirloom pinto beans, rice, salsa macha, queso Oaxaca, queso quesadilla, salsa roja
    • Burrito Verde - Plant Based

      VeganBeyond chorizo, flour tortilla, heirloom pinto beans, rice, vegan queso, salsa macha, salsa roja.
    • Mexico City Churros

      The Mexico City classic: cinnamon sugar churro served with chocolate sauce.
    • Sichuan Chou Shou Dumplings

      Handmade dumplings with Beyond Meat, garlic, cilantro, Sichuan chili sauce and peanut sauce - Vegetarian
    • Pad See Ew

      Buckner Farms pork, rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, aromatic soy sauce, garlic, ginger.
    • Taiwanese Fried Chicken

      Lightly breaded chicken thigh, Sichuan seasoning, and kewpie mayo. dairy free.
    • Shrimp Katsu Burger

      Panko crusted shrimp patty, kewpie mayo, cucumber salad, seaweed salad on a house made potato bun. Served with Belgian Fries.
    • Hainan Chicken & Rice

      Poached Red Bird chicken breast, Hainanese rice, ginger thai chili sauce, cucumber salad, tea cured egg. gluten free, dairy free.
    • Sichuan Mapu Tofu

      Ground Beyond beef, tofu, doubanjian, sichuan chili oil, ginger, & garlic, served over rice
    • Birthday Cake - Vegan

      A 3 layer cake made completely vegan! Covered in white frosting and sprinkles. *Contains soy
    • Belgian Chocolate Cake

      Triple Belgian Chocolate Cake. Made from scratch in house every day.
    • 1/2 Dozen Donuts

    • 1/2 Dozen Vegan Donut

    • Fatayer Plate

      Two traditional savory pastries, za'atar, and cheese, served with yogurt sauce.
    • Hummus (GFO) (DF)

      Hummus, sumac, cumin, served with pita.
    • Falafel (GFO)

      Traditional falafel, with yogurt sauce, served with pita. (5pc)
    • Kabsa (GF)

      The traditional meat and rice plate: Redbird chicken breast, spiced rice, caramelized onion, nuts, roasted potato, black butter
    • Shish Taouk (GFO)

      Grilled Red Bird chicken skewer, spiced rice, mint + parsley salad, served with pita and hummus
    • Shawarma (GFO)

      Shaved marinated lamb, spiced rice, mint + parsley salad, served with pita and yogurt sauce
    • Tharid (DF)

      Lamb stew, tomato, zucchini, 1,000 hole crepe, mint + parsley salad
    • Tabouleh (DF)

      Parsley salad, tomato, cracked wheat, lemon
    • Baba Ghanoush (GFO) (DF)

      Roasted eggplant spread, sumac, olive oil, served with pita