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3789 N Beach St 209, Fort Worth, TX 76137
Monday - Friday
11:00 AM - 02:00 PM

3789 N Beach St 209, Fort Worth, TX 76137 • More info

  • The Sandwiches

    • The Pesto Chick

      Our taste of Italy: Samwichery style. Grilled Sourdough with fresh mozzarella, pesto, grilled chicken, and tomato to make the zingiest savory melt ever.
    • The Lil Pesto Chick

      Smaller in size, but just as big in taste - grilled sourdough with melted mozzarella, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, and the perfect shot of pesto.
    • BBQ Chicken Grilled Cheese

      Southern resistance is futile. Our shredded chicken breast drenched in bbq sauce and swimming in Colby-jack cheese, topped with pickles, spicy mustard on a toasted brioche slice of heaven.
    • Lil BBQ Chicken Grilled Cheese

      The BBQ Chicken Grilled's little brother comes in swinging on a toasted Hawaiian bread bun smothered in BBQ sauce, cheese, and chicken.
    • Bacon Ranch Chicken Salad

      Enjoy a bite of summer with our amazing home-made chicken salad with added bacon and ranch for that perfect amount of love. Oh, and on a wonderfully scrumptious croissant just to make it even better ;)
    • Lil Bacon Ranch Chicken Salad

      This perfect snack is hard to beat with our home-made bacon ranch chicken salad mix on a croissant slider. Pure perfect yumminess.
    • The Texan BBQ Chicken Mac

      Ready for the ultimate BBQ Chicken Sandwich ever from Samwichery? The Texan features melted Colby jack cheese, seasoned chicken, our deep south mac & cheese on toasted artesian bread. True southern perfection ;)
  • The Sides

    • Deep South Mac & Cheese

      We may have stolen this fair and square from nana, but alls fair in love and food :) 3 types of cheese, a light dash of breadcrumbs and bacon and just right pasta make this side to die for (don't die, not for real)
    • Kettle Brand Chips

      Nothing goes better with a Samwichery sandwich than some amazing chips. Kettle Brand is up to the task with a selection of Sea Salt, Sea Salt Vinegar, and Backyard Barbeque!
  • From The Bakery

    • Chocolate Chip Magic Bar

      The combination of buttery graham crumbs, coconut, walnuts, and chocolate chips all bound together in yumminess is perfection in and of itself.
    • Classic Lemon Bar

      Our magical lemon bars featuring a soft butter shortbread crust and a tangy-sweet lemon curd filling that's baked to the perfect consistency.
    • The Colossal Chocolate Chip

      Fresh off the cookie rack from Prarie Hill Cookie Company comes the most amazing large chocolate chip cookies ever! Cookies are approximately 4 inches in diameter and 3/4 inch thick
    • The Colossal Peanut Butter Cup

      Technically everything is better with a Peanut Butter Cup, so why not put it in. Cookies are approximately 4 inches in diameter and 3/4 inch thick
    • Salted Carmel Colossal Chocolate Chip

      Add a little salt to your sweetness with the Salted Carmel Colossal Chocolate Chip cookies from Prarie Hill Cookie Company! Cookies are approximately 4 inches in diameter and 3/4 inch thick
  • The Lunch (or Dinner) Box

    • The Lunch (or Dinner) Box

      The perfect meal for lunch, dinner, or tomorrow's breakfast on the run (we don't judge). Includes a Samwichery sandwich, side, dessert, and drink.
    • The Lunch Box Kids Edition

      Need an awesome lunch (or dinner) for the little ones? Samwichery has you covered. Choose from our classic Grilled Cheese or an awesome Grilled PB&J, your choice of sides, dessert, and an Honest Kids Organic Juice Box!
    • The Lil Lunch Box

      The perfect lunch/snack that hits the spot. 1 Lil sandwich, Kettle Chips, a mini dessert from our bakery, and a drink.
    • The Texan BBQ Lunch Box

      Featuring the Texan BBQ Chicken Mac with a drink and dessert of your choice!
  • Drinks

    • Coke

    • Diet Coke

    • Coke Zero

    • Dr Pepper

    • Sprite

    • Bottled Water

    • LaCroix Sparkling Water

    • LaCroix Sparkling Water - Lime

    • LaCroix Sparkling Water - Grapefruit

    • AriZona Sweet Tea

    • AriZona Green Tea

      11.5 oz
    • AriZona Arnold Palmer

      11.5 oz