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    Pancakes with Benefits
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    Pancakes with Benefits

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    Location and hours

    2442 K Ave, Plano, TX
    Every Day
    07:00 AM - 01:00 PM

    2442 K Ave, Plano, TX • More info

    • Mains

      • The "PWB"

        Our house pancake made with sweet cream, a hint of vanilla and our famous cinnamon butter.
      • Cinnamon Roll Pancake

        Simply the greatest thing to happen to pancakes since the invention of maple syrup. Cream cheese frosted.
      • Lemon Ricotta Pancake

        Moist and delicious with the perfect amount of lemon. Topped with blueberries.
      • Red Velvet Pancake

        Full of flavor and moist. Dusted with powdered sugar and vanilla cream cheese frosting.
      • Vegan Pancake

        Gluten-Free, oat milk & a dash of vanilla
      • The Hot Cocoa Pancake

        Flavored with cocoa, topped with brûléed marshmallows to create a pancake version of your chilly night favorite. 
      • Gingerbread Pancake

        Scrumptious essence of gingerbread topped with cinnamon apple.
      • Gluten Free Pancake

        Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour & a hint of vanilla.
      • Nature's Pancake

        Chopped pecans baked into our batter & topped with granola.
      • PB&J Pancake

        Drizzled peanut butter and grape jelly.
    • Sides

      • Sausage Patties ( Pork)

        2 pcs
      • Crispy Bacon Strips

        4 strips
      • Turkey Bacon Strips

        4 strips
    • Drinks

      • Coffee

        Dark Roast Coffee 16 oz