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Curry & Hurry

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  • Appetizers

    All appetizers served with hot green coriander and onion chutney

    • Chicken Pakora

      Chicken dipped in seasoned gram flour then fried
    • Fish Fakora

      Sliced fish fillet's dipped in our spicy batter then fried
    • Paneer Pakora

      Homemade cheese dipped in a spicy butter and fried
    • Shrimp Pakora

      Whole shrimp dipped in our spicy batter then fried
    • Vegetable Pakora

      Fresh vegetables mixed with spices and gram flour then fried
    • Vegetable Samosa

      (2 pieces)-Flakey pastry filled with seasoned chickpeas, potato, cabbage and lentils
    • Dal Soup

      Traditional lentil base with garlic, cumin, and sauteed with diced tomato.
    • Tomato Soup

      A blend of fresh tomatoes cooked with herbs, spices and a touch of Cream
    • Bengal/Garden Salad

      Fresh cut tomatoes, onion, cucumbers and cilantro blended with Mild spices.
    • Chutney's

      Sweat mango, Hot Green Coriander, and Onion Chutney, Temarine Chatney!
    • Mixed Pickle

    • Plain Rice

      Basmati rice
    • Raita

      Homemade yogurt blended with cucumber and seasoned chickpea batter
  • Tandoor Breads

    Freshly baked at time of order in our clay oven

    • Alu Naan

      White bread stuffed with potatoes and peas then baked
    • Alu Paratha

      Whole wheat bread stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas
    • Chapatti

      Thin, flat unleavened bread made with finely milled whole- wheat flour
    • Garlic Naan

      White bread baked with garlic and cilantro
    • Kima Nan

      White bread stuffed with ground beef
    • Lassie paratha

      Bread made with whole wheat flour with butter
    • Naan

      Traditional Indian white bread
    • Onion Naan

      White bread stuffed with onion and cilantro then baked.
    • Paratha

      Flat bread made with whole-wheat flour & ennched with butter
  • Meat Specialties

    Choice of Chicken, Beef or Lamb. All entrees come with basmati rice.

    • Chicken or Beef Curry

      Tender cubes of meat cooked with a special blend of spices in a mild curry sauce.
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Dansak

      In a medium sauce with lentils. onions and Garlic
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Dopyaza

      In a medium sauce with bell peppers and onions
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Green Masala

      With tomatoes and onions in a hot spinach Sauce
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Korma

      Sauteed in a creamy garlic and onion sauce With cashews and raisins
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Masala

      Tomato, onion, bell pepper, egg, and stato sauteed in our special curry sauce
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Mushroom

      Sauteed with mushrooms in a reamy tomato sauce
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Palak

      Cooked with spinach and mild spices.
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Sabzi

      Mixed with garden vegetables in a tomato and curry sauce
    • Chicken, Beef or Lamb Vindaloo

      Sauteed with potatoes and tomatoes in a Hot and sour sauce
    • Lamb Curry

      Tender cubes of meat cooked with a special blend of spices in a mild curry sauce
    • Goat Curry

      Goat meat cocked with a special blend of spices in a mild curry sauce
  • Tandoori Delicacies

    Tandoori dishes are cooked on skewers in our clay oven and lightly spiced

    • Tandoori Chicken Salad

      2 pieces of dark meat marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger and Chef's Spices.
    • Shoek kabab

      marinated minced beef with onion and herbs
  • Chef's Specials

    • Bombay Salmon

      Fresh salmon filet marinated in Chef's special spices. pan scured In addition, topped with fresh vegetable curry. Served with Basmati rice and an order of Nan.
    • Chicken Jal-Farezie

      Chicken with fresh bell pepper, cauliflower, carrot, tomato. In addition, onion
    • Chicken Makhani

      Tender pieces of tandoori chicken sauteed in butter and cream Sauce
    • Chicken Tikka Masala

      Tandoori chicken with tomato, onion and garlic
    • Tandoori Chicken Tikka Biryani

      Boneless tandoori chicken mixed with Basmati Rice, potato, cauliflower, broccoli, onion and cilantro
  • Seafood Specialties

    All entrees come with Basmati rice

    • Fish Curry

      Seasonal white fish sauteed with onions in a curry sauce
    • Fish Green Masala

      Seasonal white fish, tomato and onion in a hot
    • Fish Malaj

      Seasonal white fish sauteed in coconut milk
    • Fish Vindaloo

      Seasonal white fish cooked in a hot and sour sauce
    • Shrimp Curry

      Jumbo shrimps sauteed with onions in a curry sauce
    • Shrimp Green Masala

      Jumbo shrimps, tomato and onion in a hot sauce.
    • Shrimp Malai

      Jumbo shrimp sauteed in coconut milk
    • Shrimp Vindaloo

      Jumbo shrimp cooked in a hot sour sauce
  • Vegetarian Specialties

    All entrees come with Basmati rice

    • Alu Gobi

      Specially spiced potatoes, cauliflower, onions and tomatoes.
    • Alu Matar

      Potatoes and peas in a mildly spicy sauce.
    • Baigan Bharta

      Freshly roasted eggplant with tomatoes, onions and green peas.
    • Bindi Masala

      Okra sauteed with onion and tomatoes
    • Chana Masala

      Chickpeas, tomatoes and onions in a rich sauce
    • China Paneer

      Chickpeas and homemade cheese.
    • Dal Makhani

      Lentils and beans cooked in a creamy butter sauce with a hint of cinnamon
    • Malai Kofta

      Minced vegetable balls sauteed in a cream sauce with raisins and Cashews.
    • Matar Paneer

      Distinctively spiced peas and homemade cheese.
    • Mixed vegetable Curry

      Delicately spiced mixed vegetables in a medium curry sauce
    • Mixed Vegetable Dansak

      Mixed garden vegetables, lentils, curry sauce
    • Nav Ratton Korma

      Delicately spiced vegetables cooked in a creamy
    • Palak Alu

      Fresh chopped spinach and potatoes in a creamy sauce
    • Palak mushroom

      mushrooms in spinach sauce.
    • Palak paneer

      Fresh chopped spinach and homemade cheese.
    • Paneer Makhani

      Homemade cheese in a creamy butter sauce.
    • Sabnam Curry

      Peas and mushrooms in a creamy curry sauce.
    • Vegetable Green Masala

      Mixed vegetables in a hot spinach sauce
  • Biryani

    A Fragrant baked rice dish containing exotic spices with meat or vegetables. Served with a helping of Raita.

    • Banarsi Biryani

      Fresh vegetables in a creamy suce and balad with Basmati rice
    • Beef Biryani

      Lightly spiced beef sauteed with spices and baked with Basmati rice
    • Calcutta Biryani

      Jumbo shrimp and peas in a light curry sauce baked with Basmati rice
    • Fish Biryani

      Seasonal white fish sauteed in a lightly spiced sauce then baked with Basmati rice.
    • Goat Biryani

      Lightly spiced goat meat sauteed with Basmati rice
    • Mixed Biryani

      Spiced chicken, beef and lamb baked with basmati rice
    • Mughlai Biryani

      Tender Lamb lightly spiced and baked with basmati nice.
    • Sahjahani Biryani

      Chicken and peas in herbs and spices then baked with Basmati rice
  • Desserts

    • Kheer

      Homemade rice pudding with raisins, coconut, pistachios and almonds.
    • Gulub Jamun

      Homemade cheese balls, made of milk confection, fried and served in Sweet syrup. (2 pieces)!
  • Beverages

    • Bottled Juices

    • Bottled Water

    • Soda Can

    • Mango Lassie

      Cold sweetened yogurt and mango drink
    • Masala Tea

    • Sweet Lassie

      Cold sweetened yogurt drink.