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    Paleta Factory (Wabash)
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    Paleta Factory (Wabash)

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    Location and hours

    2537 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60616
    Every Day
    09:00 AM - 02:00 AM

    2537 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60616 • More info

    • Fruit Based Paletas

      • Gazpacho Paleta

        Fresh chopped mango, pineapple, cucumber, watermelon, and jicama mixed with fresh squeezed orange juice and some tajin for a little bit of added spice.
      • Guava Guayaba Paleta

        Fresh guayabas pureed and sweetened to give just the perfect flavor of the tropics.
      • Hibiscus Paleta

        Full flavored hibiscus flowers, both tart and sweet, just as it should be. The taste of summer in every bite.
      • Limon Paleta

        Hand squeezed lime juice sweetened up to make the perfect flavor of sweet and tart.
      • Mango Cayenne Paleta

        Fresh cut mango with a hint of cayenne pepper to give it just the right amount of kick.
      • Pepino Limon Paleta

        Crisp cucumber paired with hand squeezed lime juice sweetened to perfection.
      • Sweet Mango Paleta

        Sweet fresh mango made into a paleta. Take a refreshing byte out of summer.
      • Very Berry Strawberry

        Made with fresh strawberries, lots of them! A refreshing, healthy and berry delicious paleta.
    • Ice Cream Based Paletas

      • Arroz con Leche Paleta

        Handmade rice pudding arroz con leche sprinkled with the sweet aroma and flavor of cinnamon.
      • Avocado Lime Paleta

        Creamy all natural Mexican avocado mixed with a little bit of salt and lime juice. Simple never tasted this good.
      • Cafe con Leche Paleta

        Cafe con leche on a stick made with a creamy blend of milk and the original bold flavor of Nescafe Clasico dark roast.
      • Cookies and Cream Paleta

        Oreo cookies no imitators mixed with sweet cream base for an amazing flavor combination.
      • Chocolate Paleta

        Ghirardelli bold and creamy cocoa powder used to create a rich velvety chocolate ice cream on a stick.
      • Strawberry Milkshake

        Fresh sweet strawberries used to make the best tasting flavor of summer.
    • Premium Paletas

      • Banana Nutella Paleta

        Sweet bananas ripened to the point of perfection with a Nutella center that will melt in your mouth.
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      • Cereal Bar Paleta

        A simple sweet base with cranberries, granola, oatmeal, raisins, pecans, all mixed in for a perfect balance of grains, seeds, nuts, and dried fruits.
      • Cheesecake Cajeta Paleta

        Our version of cheesecake on a stick with panela cheese added to give it a bit of saltiness filled with creamy goats milk caramel known as cajeta.
      • Fresas con Crema Paleta

        Fresh strawberries mixed with our homemade sweet cream to make the perfect sweet treat.
      • Gansito Paleta

        A traditional Mexican pastry consisting of yellow cake with a layer of strawberry jelly and cream filling dipped in chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles.
      • Nuts About Pecans Paleta

        Naturally sweet and tart pecans paired with a sweet base and pecan essence making it so rich and creamy. Nut lovers rejoice.