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    Suika Japanese Restaurant
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    Suika Japanese Restaurant

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    Location and hours

    1626 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6J 1X6
    Every Day
    12:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
    ¢ • Japanese • Asian • Sushi • Noodles • Comfort Food • Local Eats

    1626 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6J 1X6 • More info

    • Udon Festival

      • KOBE Gyu-suki Udon

        Pan-fried udon with mushrooms and bell peppers in Sukiyaki-style. Covered with pieces of thinly-sliced Kobe beef, topped with soy-marinated egg yolk.
      • Truffle Butter Yakiudon

        Udon and mushrooms pan-fried with garlic soy butter and truffle tapenade, topped with prosciutto and arugula with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.
      • Chilled Savory Duck Udon

        Chilled udon dressed with slightly spicy sesame sauce topped with grilled duck slices and cucumber.
      • White Curry Udon

        In this avant-garde dish, udon in curry soup is covered with cheesy potato mousse and served in a sizzling stone bowl.
      • Nori Mentai Cream Udon

        Udon pan-fried in cream-based, sweet seaweed sauce is topped with mentaiko and baby sardines.
      • Rich Spicy Miso Reimen

        Chilled thin udon dressed in spicy, yet sweet Gochujang-based sauce, topped with pickled radish, cucumber, seasoned seaweed flakes and boiled egg.
      • Spicy Soupless MAZEUDON

        House-made soy-based spicy sauce, diced cha-sou, marinated bamboo shoots, soft boiled egg.Mix and ENJOY!
      • Clam So-su Yakiudon

        Udon, clams and vegetables pan-fried with slightly spicy and sweet yakisoba-like sauce are topped with pickled ginger, bonito flake and seaweed.
      • Smoked Salmon Cream Udon

        Pan-fried udon in a rich salmon cream sauce with house-made smoked salmon flake and Ikura,topped with burdock chips and powdery Parmesan cheese.
      • Sizzling Black Sesame Ma-po Udon

        Udon in a slightly spicy sesame base soup with minced pork and eggplant, topped with burdock chips and chili oil, and served in a hot stone bowl.
    • Today's Special

      • Bluefin Aburi Toro Sashimi (5pc)

      • Corn Kakiage

        Our famous corn fritters is back!Extra corn & extra crispy.Deep-fried corn seasoned with truffle butter.
      • Oyster Meets Uni....

        Crispy deep fried breaded oyster meets Rich sea urchin(Uni) cream sauce.
      • Vegan Mushroom Ramen

        Homemade soy sauce and konbu kelp base Dashi soup.Topped with various kinds of mushrooms and bamboo shoot.
    • Sashimi

      • 8 Kinds Of Sashimi (40pc)

        8 kinds of sashimi(Bluefin Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Fatty Tuna, Yellowtail, Sockeye Salmon, Scallop, Sea bream, Spot Prawn)
      • 5 Kinds of Sashimi (25 pcs)

        Assorted sashimi. Five pieces each of: Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallop, and Chef's choice.
      • 5 Kinds of Sashimi (15 pcs)

        Assorted sashimi. Three pieces each of: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallop, and Chef's choice.
      • Bluefin Aburi Toro Sashimi (5pc)

      • Bluefin Toro Sashimi (5pc)

      • Amberjack Sashimi (5pc)

      • Bluefin Tuna Sashimi(5pc)

      • Tuna Sashimi (5 pcs)

      • Salmon Sashimi (5 pcs)

      • Yellowtail Sashimi (5 pcs)

      • Scallop Sashimi (5 pcs)

    • Sushi

      • Aburi Salmon Pressed Sushi

        Seared pressed salmon sushi topped with unagi sauce, mayo, and ikura (salmon roe).
      • Snow Crab Pressed Sushi

        Pressed snow crab sushi topped with mayo, ponzu jelly, and ikura (salmon roe).
      • Aburi Bluefin Pressed Sushi

        Seared pressed bluefin tuna sushi with sesame seeds, topped with homemade soy dressing.
      • WAGYU Aburi Pressed Sushi

        Perfectly seared WAGYU beef pressed sushi with cooked kombu and sea urchin sauce.
    • Sushi Bowl

      • Tuna Tartar Bowl

        Velvety housemade tuna tartar, ikura, tobiko, and seaweed on top of premium sushi rice. Try it with Suika’s sweet soy sauce first, pour some crunchy chili oil over if you need some kick!
      • AAA Rare Beef Chirashi Bowl

        Cubed rare steak, ikura, tobiko, and seaweed on top of premium sushi rice.
      • Unagi Bara Chirashi

        Grilled unagi (eel), ikura, tobiko, and seaweed on top of premium sushi rice, served with unagi sauce.
      • Seafood Bara Chirashi

        Fresh seafood cubes are festively spread on top of premium sushi rice.
      • Chirashi DX Bowl

        Chef’s choice of 7 kinds of gorgeous seafood on top of premium sushi rice with negitoro, ikura, tobiko, and seaweed.
    • Rice Bowl

      • Rare AAA Steak Bowl

        Rare Steak on rice, with balsamic sauce, wasabi butter, soft boiled egg.
      • Wagyu Stewed Hamburg Hayashi Bowl

        Stewed wagyu hamburg steak with Japanese style wagyu beef stew, on top of rice with melting cheese.
      • Rich Crab Bibimbap

        Snow crab, crab miso, ikura (salmon roe), tamago (egg omelet), and drizzle of original sauce.
      • Miso-Cream Oyster Katsu Don

        Deep fried oysters covered with miso cream scrambled egg.
      • Stewed Beef Tendon Bibimbap

        Stewed beef tendon, shiitake mushroom, cooked kombu, and pickled ginger on rice.
      • Sweet & Sour KARA-AGE Bowl

        Suika’s signature karaage tossed with sweet and sour balsamic sauce on top of rice with tartar sauce and stir-fried various mushrooms.
    • Rice Dish

      • Stewed Beef Tendon Curry

        Signature Beef Tendon Curry.
    • Noodle

      • Tokyo Oxtail Ramen

        Slowly braised oxtail in soup which is made from oxtail, pork, and clam. Topped with housemade seasoning oil and dried fish powder.
      • Uni Ikura and Crab Carbonara Udon

        Carbonara style udon noodle with rich sea urchin cream sauce and crab meat. Topped with ikura.
      • Miso Carbonara Udon

        Stewed beef tendon and udon noodle pan fried with rich cream sauce,plated with soft boiled egg.
      • AAA Steak Curry Yakiudon

        Udon noodle tossed with AAA beef steak and Suika’s signature curry sauce.
    • Meat

      • Chicken Kara-age

        Deep fried chicken thigh served with sansho-jio (Japanese salt and pepper)
      • Torotoro Cha-shu-Pork Jowl-

        Pork jowl slowly braised until tender. Served with secret spice blend.
      • The Beef Short Rib

        Fried short rib cooked in sweet balsamic sauce.
      • Double Tonkatsu

        2 Pieces of Fried Pork Loin Cutlet using Special Panko. Served with Ground roasted sesame tonkatsu sauce.
      • Wagyu Beef Tataki Carpaccio

        Perfectly seared wagyu beef with Yuzu kochujan dressing.
    • Seafood

      • The Ebimayo

        Beer battar prawn tempura served with hearty tartar sauce and chili sauce.
      • Yuzu Tuna Tataki

        Lightly seared albacore tuna seasoned with yuzu, topped with ponzu jelly and garlic chips.
      • Aburi Hamachi Carpaccio

        Yellowtail seared with mayonnaise, Shiitake mushroom and parmesan. Served with spicy sesame soy dressing
      • Velvety Negitoro Yukke

        Negitoro marinated in homemade Yukke dressing and chili oil. Soft boiled egg, garlic chip on top. Served with seaweed on side.
      • Today's 2 Kinds Grilled Fish

        Chef`s choices 2 kinds of grilled fish.
      • Aburi Bluefin Tuna Carpaccio

        Bluefin tuna seared with yuzu kochujan dressing.
    • Salad

      • Tantan Cold Ramen Salad

        Chilled ramen noodles on mixed greens. Topped with cubed egg, homemade crunchy chili oil,Gobo Tempura and minced pork seasoned with black sesame.
      • Seaweed Sashimi Salad

        Today`s fresh seafood, organic greens, and tobiko with sesame soy dressing.
      • Green Seaweed Salad

        Various seaweed on mixed greens served with homemade olive dressing.
    • Side Dish

      • Tako Wasabi

        Chopped raw octopus and pickled wasabi stems marinated in wasabi flavoured sauce.
      • Cucumber O chan

        Cucumbers pickled in Japanese soy-based brine.
      • Truffle Mania’s Edamame

        Edamame marinated in truffle soy-sauce. Served with Truffle oil and salt.
      • Kanimiso Dipping Fries

        French fries with homemade kanimiso (crab butter) dipping sauce.
      • Rice

      • Miso Soup

    • Dessert

      • Almond Tofu

        Super smooth Almond Tofu with your choice of fruits sauce.
      • Salted Caramel Pudding feat.TOKI Whisky

        Super smooth pudding covered with Salted caramel sauce. Flavoured with Japanese whisky TOKI. This product contains alcohol.
    • Pop

      • Coca-Cola

      • Sprite

      • Club Soda

    Please note that Contactless Delivery is not available for orders that include alcohol as your delivery person will need to verify your age