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    Do Chay
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    Do Chay

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    Location and hours

    1392 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E4
    Every Day
    11:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
    ¢ • Vietnamese • Noodles • Healthy • Local Eats

    1392 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E4 • More info

    • Street Food

      • XO Potstickers

        Hand-wrapped potstickers, mushroom XO, cabbage, carrot; with sweet soy. Vegan.
      • Monsoon Roll

        Tofu, jicama, fresh herbs, onion, rice wrapper, and chili pineapple sauce. Vegan and gluten friendly.
      • Daikon Cakes

        Crispy rice flour and daikon cakes, egg, salted radish, green onion, papaya slaw, and soya sauce. Vegetarian. Can be made gluten friendly on request.
      • Coconut Rice Cakes

        Cast iron seared coconut milk rice cakes, jicama, mung bean, green onion, and nuoc cham. Vegan and gluten friendly.
      • Spring Rolls

        Crispy vegan spring rolls; mustard greens and herbs for wrapping; ish sauce. Vegan and gluten friendly.
      • Uncle Hing's Wings

        Crispy mushroom wings, sweet and spicy ish sauce glaze, sesame, cilantro. Vegan.
      • Festival Cake

        Pan fried sticky rice, mung bean, yuba and jackfruit, served with traditional pickles and ish sauce. Vegan and gluten friendly.
    • Share Plates

      • Banh Xeo Crepe

        Turmeric crepe, bean sprouts, jicama, mushroom, fresh herbs and greens, and nuoc cham. Vegan and gluten friendly.
      • XO Green Beans

        Wok tossed green beans in our spicy mushroom XO sauce. Vegan. Can be made gluten friendly on request.
      • Papaya Salad

        Yuba, shredded green papaya, basil, birds eye chili, peanut, pickled carrot, lime, and sweet soya. Vegan and gluten friendly.
      • Salted Egg Yolk Eggplant

        Crispy eggplant, salted egg butter, chili garlic, cilantro. Vegetarian and gluten friendly.
      • Jackfruit Lettuce Wrap

        Five spice braised pulled jackfruit, carrot, jicama onion, served with lettuce. Vegan.
      • Crispy Tossed Tofu

        Crispy tofu, scallion ginger sauce, jalapeño, sweet soya. Vegan. Can be made gluten friendly on request.
      • Chick'n Salad

        Sautéed mushroom, chick pea, lime leaf, cabbage, dressing. Vegan and gluten friendly.
    • Noodle Bowls

      • Vegan Pho

        Avocado, yuba, yo choy, stir-fried broccoli, mushroom, and rice noodles in our vegan pho broth. Vegan. Can be made gluten friendly on request.
      • Satay Noodles

        Peanut and sesame spicy satay broth, broccoli, seitan, tomato, and rice noodles. Vegan.
      • Desert Island Noodles

        Thick noodles, coconut milk, vegan meatball, tomato, shredded tofu mix, peanut, ish sauce, greens, and herbs. Vegan.
      • Mushroom Verm

        Lemongrass chili mixed mushrooms, spring roll, fresh herbs, salad, and peanut on vermicelli. Vegan and gluten friendly.
      • Bun Bo Hue

        Shiitake mushroom, soy protein, seitan, tofu, greens, lemongrass chili broth, thick rice noodles. Vegan.
    • Rice Bowls

      • Black Garlic Eggplant

        Braised eggplant, tofu, black garlic, and yo choy. Vegan.
      • Sweet and Spicy Bowl

        Chili tomato sauce, cauliflower & broccoli tempura, king oyster mushroom, seitan. Vegan.
      • Kabocha Curry Bowl

        Kabocha, carrot, potato coconut curry, tofu. Vegan and gluten friendly.
      • Lemongrass Tofu

        Crispy tofu tossed in our lemongrass chili sauce with green beans. Vegan and gluten friendly.
      • Spicy Sesame Stirfry

        King oyster mushroom, mustard greens, and celery sauteed in a spicy sesame sauce. Contains peanut. Vegan.
    • Beverages

      • Vietnamese Iced Coffee

      • Canned Soda Coke

      • Canned Soda Diet Coke

      • Canned Soda Ginger Ale

      • Black Lemonade

        Activated charcoal lemonade
      • Turmeric Soda

        Turmeric, citrus, soda
      • Ginseng Soda

        Ginseng, citrus, soda
      • Fresh Citrus Soda

        Slightly sweet; refreshing
    • Sides

      • Side Rice

      • Side Vermicelli

      • Side Pho Broth

      • Extra Sauce