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    El Rey Mezcal Bar
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    El Rey Mezcal Bar

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    Location and hours

    2a Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2J7
    01:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.
    Monday - Tuesday
    Wednesday - Friday
    05:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.
    01:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.

    2a Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2J7 • More info


      • Beef Brisket w/ Macha Cemita

        Cemita roll filled with low braised beef brisket with sweet macha sauce, cured cabbage and pickled carrot slaw, radishes and cilantro *CONTAINS NUTS, GLUTEN, SESEME
    • Combo

      • Taco Combo

        *GUAC CONTAINS NUTS/PLEASE REQUEST NO NUTS IF DESIRED *CAULIFLOWER CONTAINS NUTS - CANNOT BE OMITTED Personal-sized Guac and chips, an order of tacos, and a pop
    • Snacks

      • Guacamole and Chips

        Avocado puree with coriander and cashew pesto topped with roasted poblano pico de gallo, served with house-made tortilla chips. *GLUTEN FREE, CONTAINS NUTS
      • Chips and Salsa

        Avocado with tomatillo salsa and pullita with roasted tomato salsa, served with house-made tortilla chips. *GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE
      • Marinated Cucumbers

        Pickled cucumbers, arbol pepper sauce and chilli powder. *GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE
      • Hot Sauce

        House made habanero hot sauce, Spicy!
    • Tacos

      • Al Pastor Tacos (2pcs)

        Guajillo marinated grilled pork served with quesillo cheese, pineapple relish, avocado salsa and arbol pepper salsa on the side. *GLUTEN FREE. DAIRY FREE UPON REQUEST
      • Crispy Squid Tacos (2pcs)

        Fried squid served with cabbage slaw, maggi mayonnaise, tamarind sauce and toasted coconut. *GLUTEN FREE UPON REQUEST, DAIRY FREE
      • Cauliflower Almandrada Tacos (2pcs)

        Roasted cauliflower dressed in a Puebla style almond sauce and served with fennel slaw, pickled jalapeño, avocado and a side of crema. *CONTAINS ALMONDS AND DAIRY. GLUTEN FREE.
    • More

      • Chicken Barbacoa Molotes (2pcs)

        Deep-fried masa pouches filled with roasted chicken, salsa barbacoa. Topped with crema, salsa asada and an iceberg salad *GLUTEN FREE, CAN BE MADE DAIRY FREE
      • Mushroom Molotes (2pcs)

        Fried masa pouches filled with mushroom sofrito, quesillo cheese and served with roasted poblano crema. *CONTAINS DAIRY, TRACE AMOUNTS OF GLUTEN
      • Beef Chorizo Molotes (2pcs)

        deep fried masa pouches filled with red beef chorizo, fried potatoes and queso with cruda salsa and arbol salsa *GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY ON SIDE, DOES NOT CONTAIN PORK
      • Birria Burritos (2PC)

        house made flour tortilla wraps filled with birria(goat, beef, pork), potato frites and onion relish served with tomatillo - arbol pepper salsa and roasted poblano jocoque on the side. *CONTAINS GLUTEN / DAIRY FREE
      • Burritos de Pollo (2PC)

        *CONTAINS GLUTEN, NUTS, SESAME AND STONE FRUIT DAIRY FREE POSSIBLE Sonora style - sour dough flour tortilla wrap filled with shredded roasted chicken with Puebla's mole sauce fried potatoes accompanied with roasted poblano jocoque.
      • Birria Quesadillas (2PC) + Consome

        corn tortilla - quesadillas filled with birria(goat, beef, pork) and topped with onion relish and tomatillo salsa. served with birria consome(soup), onion relish, salsa and lime wedge on the side. *CONTAINS DAIRY / GLUTEN FREE - NO MODIFICATIONS

        Traditional soup composed of hominy corn with guajillo and chicken broth, with pork. Topped with lettuce, radish and onion. *DAIRY AND GLUTEN FREE
    • Postres

      • Financier with Hibiscus Curd and Coconut Crema

        classic brown sugar financier with hibiscus & thyme curd and coconut crema, topped with raspberries and corn crunch, buttermilk cornflakes with toasted silvered almonds and puffed amaranth *CONTAINS GLUTEN AND DAIRY
    • Beverages

      • Coca Cola

        355ml Can
      • Gingerale

        355ml Can
      • Diet Coke

        355ml Can
      • Mexican Coca Cola

        355ml glass bottle of that real real.
      • Ting

        An island staple.
      • Partake Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale

        355ml Can Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale to keep you mouth and mind equally refreshed.
      • Sprite

      • Ginger Beer

      • Topo Chico

        Delicious Mexican bubble water of your dreams. Mouth ripping bubbles...
    Please note that Contactless Delivery is not available for orders that include alcohol as your delivery person will need to verify your age