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    Chingu Korean Restaurant
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    Chingu Korean Restaurant

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    Location and hours

    10610 Bayview Avenue , Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3N8
    Every Day
    11:30 a.m. - 08:00 p.m.
    Korean • BBQ • Local Eats

    10610 Bayview Avenue , Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3N8 • More info

    • Korean Cuisine

      • Gam Ja Tang / Pork Bone Soup

        Pork bone soup with potato and vegetables.
      • Bulgogi Dup Bap

        Marinated beef sirlion on steamed rice.
      • Spicy Pork Dup Bap

        Spicy pork on steamed rice.
      • Bi Bim Bap

        Assorted vegetables, beef, and fried egg on rice.
      • Jap Chae

        Glass noodle with vegetables.
      • Kim Chi Chigae

        Kimchi stew in spicy with pork, tofu, and vegetables.
      • Soon Tofu

        Seafood with vegetables in tofu stew.
      • Gom Tang

        Beef bone white soup.
      • Beef Tendon Soup

        Beef bone broth with beef tendon.
      • Kal Bi Tang

        Beef short ribs and egg drop soup.
      • Dduk Man Du Gook

        Rice cake with dumpling soup.
      • Janchi-Guk Su

        Korean noodle in anchovy broth.
      • Dumpling

        Deep-fried dumplings.
      • O-Jing Uh Dup Bap

        Spicy squid on steamed rice.
      • Jap Chae Dup Bap

        Stir-fried glass noodle with beef and vegetables on steamed rice.
      • Dwen Jang Chigae

        Seafood, or pork, vegetables, and tofu with soy bean stew.
      • Tookbaegi Bulgogi

        Marinated beef sirloin in a hot stone bowl.
      • Budae Jjigar

        Assorted vegetables, pork, sausage, luncheon meat, sliced cheese, baked beans, and instant noodles in spicy broth.
      • Hae Mul Pajun

        Korean style pancake assorted seafood and green onion.
      • Yook Gae Jang

        Beef brisket, vegetables, and egg in spicy broth.
    • Sharing Dishes

      • Tang Su Yuk

        Sweet, sour, and crispy pork ball.
      • Khan Pung Ki

        Spicy, sour, and crispy chicken ball.
      • O-Jing Uh Bok Eum

        Stir-fried squid with vegetables.
      • Jok Bal

        Served with pig's trotters.
      • Jea Yuk Bok Eum

        Stir-fried spicy pork with vegetables.
    • Katsu

      • Don Katsu

        Deep-fried pork cutlet.
      • Chicken Katsu

        Deep-fried chicken cutlet.
      • Dduk Bok Gi

        Spicy rice cake.
    • Hot Pot

      • Kam Ja Tang Jeon Gol

        Pork bone with potato, dumpling, and vegetables in hot pot.
      • Bul Nak Jeon Gol

        Beef with octopus and vegetables in hot pot.
      • Kimchi Jeon Gol

        Kimchi with pork, glass noodle, vegetables in hot pot.
      • Bu Dae Jeon Gol

        Pork, sausage, luncheon meat, sliced cheese, baked beans, and instant noodles in hot pot.
      • Man Du Jeon Gol

        Dumpling with beef and vegetables in hot pot.
      • Kal Bi Jeon Gol

        Beef short rib with glass noodle vegetables in hot pot.
    • BBQ on Hot Plate

      • Kal Bi BBQ

        BBQ beef short ribs on hot plate.
      • Spicy Squid BBQ

        BBQ spicy squid on hot plate.
      • Bulgogi

        Marinated beef sirloin on hot plate.
    • Table BBQ

      • Table BBQ (minimum order of 2)

        2 meat choices, comes with choice of soup, side dishes, and rice.
    • Side Dishes

      • Kimchi

        Large container of Kimchi.
      • Steamed Rice

    • Beverage

      • Pop

      • Juice

      • Nestea