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    Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) Menu and Delivery in Hamilton

    Too far to deliver

    Location and hours

    117 King St. East, Hamilton, ON L8R
    Sunday - Thursday
    11:30 a.m. - 9:50 p.m.
    Friday - Saturday
    11:30 a.m. - 10:20 p.m.

    Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton)

    4.7 (173 ratings) • Chinese • $$
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    117 King St. East, Hamilton, ON L8R
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    Wish you could ask Szechuan Noodle Bowl customers what's popular here? If you could, you might expect the answer to be the Steam Rice 蒸白飯, since it's one of the most-ordered items on the entire menu at this evening go-to. • $$ • Chinese • Asian
    • Picked for you

      • Sichuan Style Dan Dan Noodles 四川辣擔擔麵
      • Noodle with Braised Beef and Bamboo 筍燒牛肉麵
      • Sauteed Beef with Pepper and Onion 蔥爆牛肉
      • Stir Fried Salted Pork Slice with Mixed Vegetable 自贡小炒肉
      • House Special Sliced Noodles 順椿原刀削麵
    • Snacks 小吃

    • Signature Food 推薦主食

      • Popular
        Sichuan Style Dan Dan Noodles 四川辣擔擔麵
      • Popular
        Noodle with Braised Beef and Bamboo 筍燒牛肉麵
      • Handmade Noodle 手工麵
      • House Special Rice Vermicelli 順椿原米線
      • House Special Sliced Noodles 順椿原刀削麵
      • Machine-Made Noodles 機制麵
      • House Special Handmade Spinach Noodle 順椿原手工菠菜麵
      • Shoot Sichuan Style Cold Noodle 四川風味涼麵
      • Sichuan Style Wonton 四川風味龍抄手
      • Boiled Dumplings with Chili Oil 紅油水煮水餃
      • Hot and Sour Vermicelli 酸辣粉絲
        Spicy 辣
      • Spicy Vermicelli with Pork Intestines 辣肥腸粉絲
        Spicy 辣
      • Sichuan Hotpot Vermicelli 四川風味老媽火鍋粉絲
        Spicy 辣
      • Grilled Clam in Cellophane with Rich Noodle 花甲包燒米線
    • Native Specialties 家鄉特色

      • Spicy Deep Fried Potato 辣油炸土豆
        Spicy 辣
      • Beef Lungs in Chili Sauce 夫妻肺片
      • Sichuan Hot Pot Strings 四川冒菜
        Spicy 辣
      • Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce 辣醬涼粉
      • Spiced Beef Tripe 辣牛肚
        Spicy 辣
      • BoBo Chicken 缽缽雞
      • Spicy Beef Jerky 麻辣牛肉幹
        Spicy 辣
      • Spicy Crawfish 麻辣小龍蝦
        Spicy 辣
    • Cold Dishes 涼菜

      • Spicy Chicken Salad 辣雞肉沙拉
        Spicy 辣
      • Pork in the Garlic Sauce 蒜醬豬肉
      • Preserved Egg with Green Pepper 青椒皮蛋
      • Spiced Dry Lettuce Root 辣幹生菜根
      • Hot and Sour Shredded Potato 酸辣土豆絲
      • Hot and Sour Buck Wheat Noodle 酸辣蕎面
        Spicy 辣
      • Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers 泡椒風爪
      • Cucumber in Sweet and Sour Sauce 糖醋醬黃瓜
      • Sauteed Leek with Dried Tofu 韭菜炒乾豆腐
      • Pork Ear in the Chilli Sauce 辣醬豬耳朵
      • Spicy Tofu with Green Onion 青蔥拌豆腐
        Spicy 辣
      • Mixed Golden Enoki Mushroom in Chilli 涼拌金針菇
      • Mixed Vegetables 涼拌素什錦
    • Hot Dishes 四川特色小炒

      • Popular
        Poached Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil 紅油水煮牛肉片
      • Popular
        Sauteed Beef with Pepper and Onion 蔥爆牛肉
      • Kung Pao Diced Chicken 宮保雞丁
      • Pineapple Sweet and Sour Meat 菠蘿咕嚕肉
      • Stir-Fried Seasonal Pork with Teabush Mushrooms 茶樹菇炒醬肉
        Served with tea bush mushrooms.
      • Sauteed Beef with Cumin 孜然牛肉
      • Stir Fried Green Beans 乾煸四季豆
        Served with minced pork.
      • Maoxuewang 毛血旺
        Served with duck's blood, beef, and tripe in spicy soup.
        附鴨血, 牛肉及肚肉辣湯。
      • Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil 紅辣油魚柳
      • Fish Filets in Sour Soup酸湯魚柳
      • Chicken with Green Pepper 青椒雞肉
        chicken with bone, if wants boneless chicken, please specify
      • Sichuan Style Sauteed Chicken 四川風味炒雞肉
        chicken with bone, if want boneless chicken please specify.
      • Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts 板粟燒雞
        chicken with bone, if wants boneless chicken please specify.
      • Braised Pork Trotter 青醬紅燒豬蹄
        Served with soy sauce.
      • Stewed Crab Roe and Tofu 燉蟹籽及豆腐
      • Sauteed Pork with Pepper and Chili 辣椒炒豬肉
      • Mapo Beancurd 麻婆豆腐
      • Sauteed Pickled Beans with Minced Pork 豬肉碎炒酸豇豆
      • Sauteed Pork with Black Fungus 黑木耳炒豬肉
      • Sauteed Pork with Green Pepper 青椒炒豬肉
      • Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork 魚香豬肉絲
      • Stir-Fried Pork with Garlic Shoot 蒜心炒豬肉
      • Stir-Fried Seasoned Pork with Garlic Shoot 蒜心炒醬豬肉
      • Braised Eggplant 魚香茄子
      • Sauteed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork 螞蟻上樹
        Spicy 辣
      • Sauteed Beef Fillet with Black Pepper 黑膠牛柳
      • Dry Fried Eggplant 幹煸茄子
      • Steam Eggplant 旱蒸茄子
      • Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable 時令蔬菜
      • Sweet and Sour Cabbage 糖醋蓮白
      • Preserved Vegetable Vermicelli Soup 酸菜粉絲湯
      • Vegetable Soup 素菜湯
      • Spicy Pork intestines 香辣豬肉肥腸
        Spicy 辣
    • New Items

      • Stir Fried Salted Pork Slice with Mixed Vegetable 自贡小炒肉
      • Spicy Clam with Pepper and Chili 香辣炒花甲
      • Sweet and Sour Fish with Pineapple 菠萝咕噜鱼
      • Stir Fried Cauliflower with Cumin 孜然花菜
      • Spicy Sliced Potato 炝炒土豆丝
      • Sauteed Lamb with Pepper and Onion 葱爆羊肉
      • Sauteed Lamb with Cumin 孜然羊肉
      • Stir Fried Scrambled Eggs with Tomato 西红柿鸡蛋
      • Seaweed and Tomato Soup 紫菜蛋花汤
      • Egg and Tomato Soup 西红柿蛋花汤
      • Braised Chicken Chips with Brown Sauce 黄焖鸡锅
      • Griddle Pork Intestines 干锅肥肠
      • Griddle Pork Ribs 干锅排骨
      • Griddle Cauliflowers 干锅花菜
      • Griddle Beef 干锅牛肉
      • Griddle Lamb 干锅羊肉
      • Griddle Shrimp 干锅虾
      • Griddle ullfrog 干锅牛蛙

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I order Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) delivery in Hamilton with Uber Eats?

    Yes. Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) delivery is available on Uber Eats in Hamilton.

    Is Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) delivery available near me?

    Enter your address to see if Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) delivery is available to your location in Hamilton.

    How do I order Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) delivery online in Hamilton?

    There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

    Where can I find Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) online menu prices?

    View upfront pricing information for the various items offered by Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) here on this page.

    How do I get free delivery on my Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) order?

    To save money on the delivery, consider getting an Uber One membership, if available in your area, as one of its perks is a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.

    How do I pay for my Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) order?

    Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account.

    What’s the best thing to order for Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) delivery in Hamilton?

    If you’re in need of some suggestions for your Szechuan Noodle Bowl (Hamilton) order, check out the items showcased in “Picked for you” on this page.