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    Sempre Pizza and Pasta Menu and Delivery in Toronto

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    Location and hours

    3038 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1C4
    04:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.
    04:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.
    Wednesday - Saturday
    11:30 a.m. - 09:30 p.m.

    Sempre Pizza and Pasta

    4.5 (51 ratings) • Pizza • $$
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    3038 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1C4
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    Wish you could ask someone what to order here? The Penne Alla Vo- Ka is one of the menu items that gets the most orders at this evening go-to. • $$ • Pizza • Pasta • Italian • Family Meals • Allergy friendly
    • Picked for you
      • Margherita Pizza
      • Spaghetti Alla Carbonara
      • Penne Alla Vo- Ka
      • Calamari Fritti
      • Linguine Pescatore
    • Catering Special platter family/office
      • Platter of Roasted Beet salad
      • Platter of Steam vegetable (Medium Tray)
      • Platter of Cozze (medium tray)
      • Platter of Sempre tortellini
      • Platter of Vittello Marsala
        Tender Veal scaloppini, sautéed mix mushroom in a marsala wine sauce serve four to six people
      • Platter of Mista salad
        Fresh mix greens, fresh tomato, cucumber, carrot, homemade fresh basil dressing on the side serve four to six people
      • Platter of Caesar salad
        Romaine hearts, sun-dried tomato topped with parmesan cheese, on the side roasted garlic dressing, serve four to six people
      • Platter of Spinach salad
        Fresh Baby Spinach, roasted mix mushroom, cherry tomato, grated creamy gouda cheese, toasted almonds, Strawberry, fresh basil balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side serve four to six people
      • Platter of sempre goat cheese salad
        Fresh mix greens, cherry tomato, roasted red pepper, strawberry, roasted pine nuts, goat cheese, homemade fresh basil dressing on the side serve four to six people
      • Platter of Greek salad
        Romaine hearts, fresh tomato, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, kalamata olives, feta cheese, Greek dressing on the side serve four to six people
      • Platter of chicken schnitzel
        Butter milk marinated chicken breast Lightly dusted, serves six people
      • Platter of chicken parmigiana
        melted Lightly breaded chicken breast in light tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese each order is made serves four to six people
      • Platter of veal parmigiana
        Lightly breaded veal in light tomato sauce topped with melted mozzarella cheese each order is made serves four to six people
      • Platter of penne tomato and cream sauce
        Penne pasta with our homemade basil tomato and cream sauce serve four to six people
      • Platter of penne alla Panchetta
        Penne tossed with pancetta, sundried tomato, fresh garlic in our homemade basil tomato cream sauce serve four to six people
      • Platter of Fettuccine alfredo
        Fettuccine with our homemade Alfredo sauce serve four to six people
      • Platter of Spaghetti Homemade Bolognese
        Spaghetti with our homemade basil tomato sauce Parmesan cheese on top serve four to six people
      • Platter of Spaghetti Homemade Meat Ball (16pcs)
        Spaghetti with meat ball our homemade basil tomato sauce Parmesan cheese on top serve four to six people
      • Platter of Spaghetti Carbonara
        Spaghetti with Crispy bacon, onion, in a creamy Carbonara sauce and parmesan cheese serve four to six people
      • Platter of Farfalle Fajita (Baked with Mozzarella Cheese
        Cajun Grilled chicken, sweet peppers, onion, our hearty homemade tomato sauce Baked with Mozzarella Cheese serve four to six people
      • Platter of Pan seared Tilapia (6 pcs)
        Pistachio Crust Pan Seared Tilapia Horseradish lemon butter sauce on the side serve four to six people
      • Platter of French fries (medium tray)
        Half tray French fries serve side of chipotle Sauce
      • Platter of Onion Rings (medium tray)
        Half tray Onion Rings serve side of chipotle Sauce
      • Platter of Bruschetta (16pcs)
        Fresh diced tomato marinated with garlic, basil olive oil and spices served
        Atop toasted Italian garlic bread with goat cheese
      • Platter of Fried calamari (medium tray)
        Tender pieces of marinated squid seasonal coated and gently fried Homemade dipping sauce
      • Platter of Antipasto (medium tray)
        Prosciutto, capicolo, salami, kalamata olives, Artichoke hearts, slice vine tomato,
        bocconcini cheese and garlic bread
      • Platter of Cannelloni
        Filled with ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella cheese, spinach herbs basil tomato marinara sauce or
        tomato cream sauce, serve four to six people
      • Platter of Tuscan chicken
        Grilled chicken breast, topped with bruschetta and feta cheese, Balsamic reduction
        serve four to six people
      • Platter of Pan seared Rainbow trout (5 pcs)
        Cajun Spicy Pan Seared Rainbow Trout lemon butter sauce
      • Platter of Grilled Atlantic Salmon (5 pcs)
        Grilled to perfection with puttanesca sauce
      • Platter of chicken Marsala
        Grilled chicken breast, sauteed mix mushroom in a marsala wine sauce serve four to six people
      • Platter of Homemade Gnocchi Verde
        Homemade spinach potato pasta with tomato with cream sauce serve four to six people
    • Insalate
      • Greek Salad
      • Spinach Salad
      • Tortilla bowl Avocado Salad
        Kale, avocado, roasted red pepper, quinoa, feta cheese, toasted pistachio shredded carrot, tomato, dry cranberry, raspberry vinaigrette dressing
      • Insalata Mista
        Fresh mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, carrot in the zesty dressing.
      • Insalata Caesar
        Fresh Romaine lettuce with roasted garlic dressing, sun dried tomato and parmesan cheese.
      • Pomodoro Salad
        Ripe tomatoes, red onion, bocconcini cheese, kalamata olives, fresh basil in a balsamic vinegar, and olive oil dressing.
      • Sempre Goat cheese
        Mix green with roasted red pepper, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, and pine nuts, strawberry basil balsamic honey dressing
      • Poached Pear Salad
        Poached in a red wine fresh arugula, Roquefort cheese and toasted candied walnuts rasberry vinaigrette dressing
      • Soup Of The Day
        Try our chefs freshly made soup of the day
      • Roasted Beet Salad
        Mix green salad, tender marinated roasted beets, candied walnuts, strawberries, fresh basil balsamic-honey vinaigrette dressing
    • Antipasta
      • Bruschetta
      • Calamari Fritti
      • Cozze
      • Antipasto
      • Grilled Calamari
      • Arancini (Risotto Ball)
      • Ver-Mouth Garlic Shrimps
        Sautéed with shallot, leeks, Ver-Mouth, fresh lemon juice bed of mixed greens
      • Garlic Bread Slices
        Freshly toasted garlic bread slices.
      • Mushroom Crostini
        Mix wild mushroom, sundried tomato, toasted pine nuts top with goat cheese on a garlic crostini
      • Chicken bruschetta (4pc)
        Grilled chicken, mushroom, spinach, feta cheese
        Salsa di melanzane e fagioli
    • Pizza
      • Margherita Pizza
      • Canadese Pizza
      • Sempre Siciliana
      • Honolulu Pizza
      • Capricciosa Prosciutto
      • Chicken bruschetta pizza
      • Philly Steak Pizza
      • Prosciutto Pere Pizza
      • Fungi Pizza
      • Pollo melanzane fagioli
      • Greco Pizza
        Black olives, green peppers, fresh tomato, red onions, feta cheese, tomato sauce, and mozzarella.
      • Sardegna Pollo Pizza
        Chicken, spinach, mushrooms, tomato sauce, goat, and mozzarella cheese.
      • Calabrese Pizza
        Pepperoni, capicola, Italian sausage, tomato sauce, and mozzarella.
      • Vegetarian pesto
        Grilled seasonal vegetables mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, sweet peppers, red onion, on a basil pesto topped with brie cheese and mozzarella cheese
      • Triple crown
        Pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, zesty tomato sauce mozzarella cheese
      • Pizza Al pollo
        Grilled chicken with spinach, roasted red pepper, light goat cheese, sundried tomato pesto base and mozzarella cheese
      • La Acciuga pizza
        Anchovies, button mushroom, red onion, banana pepper, tomato sauce mozzarella cheese
      • Capone
        Grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, mushroom, parmigiano and mozzarella cheese, pesto base sauce
      • Smoked salmon Pizza
        smoked salmon, red onion, capers, goat cheese, arugula, homemade zesty tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese
    • Pasta
      • Spaghetti with Meat Balls
      • Lasagna
      • Gnocchi Verde
      • Tortellini "Sempre"
      • Cannelloni
      • Linguine Pescatore
      • Ravioli
      • Penne Creole
      • Pesto Salviano
      • Chicken Bacon Florentine
      • Spaghetti Alla Carbonara
      • Farfalle fajita
      • Penne Alla Vo- Ka
      • Fusilli Jerry
      • Farfalle Con Gamberi
      • Linguine Pollo Grigliato
      • Sweet Potato Gnocchi
      • Meat Cannelloni
      • Penne e Pollo
      • Fettuccine Shitake Tiger Shrimps
      • Braised Lamb Leg Ravioli
        Braised Lamb Leg Ravioli (Stuff in Lamb meat, mushroom, goat cheese) Spinach, sprinkle of wall nuts vo-ka rose sauce
      • Pasta Pomodoro
        Spaghetti in a tomato basil sauce.
      • Pasta Alla Bolognese
        My mother-in law meat sauce recipe.
      • Fusilli with prosciuitto and chicken
        Grilled chciken, prosciuitto,green pepper,button mushroom, in a our hearty house made tomato sauce
      • Mediterranean
        Whole meat penne with peppers, onions, herb tomatoes, and broccoli in an olive oil garlic sauce.
      • Fettuccini Smoked Duck
        Fettuccine with Smoked duck breast, oyster mushroom, sundried tomato, fresh chives, white wine Alfredo sauce
      • Shrimp
        tiger shrimps
      • KIds Pasta Penne
        Chicken or home-made meat ball
      • Agnolotti ( stuff in beef )
        Homemade stuff Beef Agnolotti, spinach, tomato and cream sauce
      • Fettuccine Salmon & Prawns
        Fettuccine with Salmon and shrimps, spinach, onion, tomato & cream sauce
      • Penne Veal Strip loin
        Penne with veal striploin, onion, mushroom,
        White wine tomato sauce, sprinkle of feta cheese
      • Penne Primavera
        Broccoli, mushroom, bruschetta, Ratatouille,
        home made tomato sauce
      • Pappardelle Beef Stroganoff
        Pappardelle with Beef Stroganoff sour cream on top
    • Sandwiches and Burgers
      • Turkey Burger
      • Cispy Chicken
      • Chicken california
      • Philly Cheese Steak
      • City Burger
      • Raptors Burger
      • Sempre Burger
      • South West Burger
      • Salmon Burger
        Spinach, guacamole, tomato, pineapple, jalapeno lime Aioli sauce toasted brioche bun
      • Beyond Veggie Burger
        Grilled veggie burger topped with Spinach, tomato, guacamole. (Roasted red pepper & eggplant puree spread on the bun) drizzle with garlic peppercorn
      • BBQ Pulled Pork
        Slow cook BBQ Pulled Pork, coleslaw, pickles,
        caramelized onion, mushroom on a toasted ciabatta bun
      • Primavera Sandwiched
        Marinated grilled vegetables, fresh tomato, and mozzarella cheese. Served on a fresh Italian bread
      • Cheesy Meat Ball Sliders
        Homemade Meat ball with Swiss cheese, caramelize onion & mushroom
      • Honey Garlic Chicken Sliders
        Butter milk marinated chicken finger, lettuce, tomato, marble cheese
      • Vitello Panini
        Breaded veal cutlet, tomato sauce, sautéed mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers. Served on a fresh Italian bun
      • Italian Sausage
        Hot Italian, sautéed, red onion, red peppers. rapine baked with swiss cheese in a ciabatta bun
      • Italian Club
        Prosciutto, salami, cappicolo, lettuce tomato, mayo, swiss cheese, multigrain bread s
      • French Fries
        Ontario cut French fries serve chipotle sauce on the side
      • Onion Rings
        serve chipotle sauce on the side
      • Pollo Piccante
        Chicken breast, sautéed mushroom, onion, red and green peppers, tomato sauce
      • Bolognese Poutine
        Ontario cut French fries, meat Bolognese sauce, melted cheese
      • Chicken Tenders
        Handmade to order buttermilk marinated chicken tenders, lightly dusted and Ontario French fries, side of plum sauce
    • Carne E Pesce
      • Osso Buco (Veal Shank
      • Grilled Atlantic Salmon
      • Tuscan Chicken
      • Braised Beef Short Ribs
      • Vitello Marsala
      • Veal Parmigiana
      • Lobster Tail & Giant Scallops
      • Jambalaya
      • Pork Cutlet Parmigiana
      • Vitello e Prosciutto
      • Chicken Supreme
        Chicken Supreme with button mushroom, cherry tomato, Per-nod butter cream sauce
        vegetable with Mash potato
      • ChickenParmigiana
        Breaded chicken cutlet, baked in tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese. Served with spaghetti tomato sauce
      • Pollo Marsala
        Grilled chicken breast cooked with mushrooms in a marsala wine cream sauce. Served with roasted potatoes and vegetables or spaghetti.
      • New York Strip Loin 10oz
        Made to your liking with garlic butter sauce, roasted potato and seasonal vegetable
      • Rainbow Trout
        Pan seared rainbow trout, puttanesca sauce, roasted potato, steam vegetable
      • Stuff Chicken Breast
        Stuff chicken breast (stuff in roasted red pepper, spinach, mozzarella) mushroom, sundried tomato cream sauce roasted potato, seasonal vegetable
      • Veal Piccata
        Tender Veal cutlets cook until golden brown, slice lemon, capers butter sauce, roasted potato, and steam vegetable
      • 12oz Grilled pork Chop
        (12oz) Grilled Pork chop creamy herb mushroom brandy sauce,
        Smoked bacon whipped potato and grilled vegetable $21.95.
      • Beer Battered Fish & Chips
        Our battered fresh with big wheel when your order it, with coleslaw, fresh lemon & homemade sour cream dill sauce
      • Chicken Tenders
        Handmade to order Buttermilk marinated chicken tenders, lightly dusted & Ontario fresh cut fries, side of plum sauce
    • Pop
        • Diet coke
        • Sprite
        • Nestea
        • Gingerale
        • Tonic Water
        • Orange Juice
        • Apple Juice
        • Italian Brio
        • Nestle Water
        • Coca Cola
        • Diet Pepsi
        • Pepsi
        • Italian Blood Orange
          Sparkling blood orange 330ml
        • Italian Limonata
          Sparkling Lemon Beverage 330ml
        • Coconut Water(grace)500ml
          with real coconut pieces 500ml
        • Glass BTL Small Evian 330ml
        • Glass BTL Small Pellegrino 250ml
        • Red Bull
        • Glass BTL Large Pellegrino 750 ml
        • Glass BTL Evian 750 ml
      • Dessert
        • Home-made Tiramisu
        • Rasberry Cheese Cake
        • White Chocolate Mousse
          Classic white sponge cake Layered with white chocolate mousse and
          A touch of strawberry compote: topped with A white chocolate Ruffle

        • Turtle Fudge Cake
          flour less nut cake layers filled with crunchy almonds meringue sweet cream and caramel; covered with bitter sweet chocolate fudge glaze
        • Tartufo Ice Cream
          Creamy chocolate ice cream around a centre of wild raspberry ice: covered in a dusting of fine cocoa
      Frequently asked questions

      Can I order Sempre Pizza and Pasta delivery in Toronto with Uber Eats?

      Yes. Sempre Pizza and Pasta delivery is available on Uber Eats in Toronto.

      Is Sempre Pizza and Pasta delivery available near me?

      Sempre Pizza and Pasta delivery might not be available everywhere in Toronto, so enter your address to see if it’s available near you.

      How do I order Sempre Pizza and Pasta delivery online in Toronto?

      There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. After you’ve looked over the Sempre Pizza and Pasta menu, simply choose the items you’d like to order and add them to your cart. Next, you’ll be able to review, place, and track your order.

      What’s the best thing to order for Sempre Pizza and Pasta delivery in Toronto?

      What’s best at Sempre Pizza and Pasta is totally up to you and your personal preference. If you’re in need of some inspiration, consider trying one of the items featured in “Picked for you.”

      How do I get $0 Delivery Fee at Sempre Pizza and Pasta in Toronto?

      The Delivery Fees may vary depending on a number of factors, like your location. Enter your Toronto address to see the current Delivery Fee. You can also explore the Uber Eats membership and subscription options available in your area to see if you can save money on Sempre Pizza and Pasta delivery with $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.